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By Anonymous
Can be looted by killing the heavy Fire Monks in Lake of Liurna, they have camps all around the lake but not within it. Keep to the outskirts. If you follow the straight path from the lake-facing checkpoint you'll run into one about 3/4ths of the way around
By Anonymous
Yes it's the best way farm. You will get an emote + incantation flame cleanse me. Outside camp is an old flame lady, she drops blood thorns something. Took me around 2 hours, without any fowl foot, to farm chest,hood,leggins,gloves + the strange hatched. Try the strong attack - to funny.
By Anonymous
There's also a "Blackflame monk" set in the tower of Caelid farming it right now and it's a pain.
By Anonymous
Where is the black one? I've been farming the white one outside the boss room
By Anonymous
Doubt you���ll respond but did you ever get his set, I want to try but getting the regular fire monk set is taking me forever
By Anonymous
can he also dop that weapon?
By Anonymous
I've been trying to farm the set on the monk at the basement entrance. Seems like really low odds. Have you had any luck?
By Anonymous
Where is the blackflame monk's sword? Have killed 100 times and nothing
By Anonymous
He drop his sword for you? I have his full outfit but I'm starting to wonder if his sword even is a drop you can get.
By Anonymous
Been farming this set for a while now. Do you guys know if the chest piece or the sword gets dropped? Have at least 5 of every other armor piece.
By davidt33
Is that the Blackflame Monk farming area in a tall tower or whatever you have to climb up and jump down multiple areas with little space to so do? Yeah that area is a pain in the behind. I gave up after a couple tries and couldn't go further. Not worth the pain.
By Cataclyx
in the off chance yall are checking back on this, blackflame monks dont drop their swords despite using them. and, the easiest way to grind for the armor set is in front of the apostle priest boss in the basement of the divine tower of caelid, where a blackflame monk guards his yellow fog gate a few feet away from the grace
By Anonymous
chest is drip
By Anonymous
Set is a pain in the *** to farm out. Best place I found was the Eastern Tablelands grace site. Head South down the road and there will be a pack and then a camp to the NW of that. Reset and repeat.
By Gamerlord45
The hood sucks but slap a Greathelm on your head and this **** is drip-city. Might want Erdtree's Favor or the Arsenal Talisman or something for the weight though.
By Anonymous
the hood causes my game to crash when i equip it
By Anonymous
Verify your game file's integrity (Assuming you're on Steam.)
By Anonymous
My arcane stat is 9. Never leveled it at all. I farmed this for about 20 minutes, and only found the hood... Later -and I have no idea if this had an effect on drop chance- I bought some Silver Fowl Feet (Boosts Item Drop chance). I never actually USED them, but immediately after buying them I got the rest of the set pieces in about 15 minutes of farming. I actually got 2 pieces of the set in the same kill, witch hood and grieves dropping at the same time! Is there a hidden boost for item drop chance after purchasing Silver Fowl Feet? Maybe I was just insanely lucky.
By Anonymous
Farmed this set by scenic isle grace by going southwest. There's 3 abbots nearby on this spot. 2 patrols and 1 camp. Also remember to use silver pickled fowl foot for extra item discovery buff. Also this buff does not wear off by fast traveling.
By Anonymous
Best farm I've found is a suicide method so spend all your runes first so you arent wasting time retreiving.
Go to Scenic Isle Grace and travel south and a tiny bit west, youll find a flame camp with 2 fire monks.
When you get there kill the fire monk outside the camp up the hill first then run down into the camp and kill the second.
Let the fire witches kill you and respawn at the state of marika. To loop efficiently Immediatly mount up and travel around the left of the wooden barricades and kill the monk before he travels too far up the hill.
Do them in this order because If you die too far up the hill you wont get the option to respawn at the statue and will need to run over from scenic isle again.
Took me about 5 minutes to get the full set and weapon.
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By 4Donic
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Can confirm, great method. You can travel both left and right from the barricade, really.
By Anonymous
Getting those witches to kill you takes a lot longer than I would have thought lol. Great method though.
By Anonymous
Thank you