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By SeaSalt
You don't need to buy his sorceries to progress his quest, just buy the puppets.
By Anonymous
Imagine if he had those puppets in giant jars
By Anonymous
Gideon offers to 'get one over on Seluvis' but then he says he'll dispose of the potion :(
I wish he'd help us use it on Seluvis instead. I would have liked to have him as a Spirit summon.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
sus sus among us
By Anonymous
same reason he has a sellen puppet
By Anonymous
"Dolly botherer"
By Anonymous
Maybe your parents will explain when you reach puberty
By Anonymous
I had a dream last night that you'd find Seluvis in the valiant gargoyles arena, and after killing him he'd drop a IWI Tavor assault rifle
By Anonymous
If Dungeater was on the chair, and I give him Seluvis potion, and then I kill dungeater, can I still get him as doll in this cycle? Someone said this was possible, but it didn't seem to work
By Anonymous
Cover your crimson flask when you go to his tower
By Anonymous
Don't you ever drink/eat anything FROM him, or NEAR him. Just some safety measures!
By Anonymous
he tried bill cosby'ing a demigod lmao
By Anonymous
these quests be confusing as ****
By Anonymous
Love him or hate him, the dude's elden bling is fire
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