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By Anonymous
At 80 strength the Nightrider Glaive has 777 AR. The Commander’s Standard passes this at 80/40 STR/DEX and the Nightrider Glaive can’t keep up by switching to Quality, so beyond 80/40 this is the superior damage halberd. Truly a Commander’s weapon.
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By BareChestedSupreme
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I once fought Radahn while using this and the host and other furled finger seemed to know exactly how it worked, we went it and stayed fairly tight but kept loose in order to divide Radahn's attention but when the buff wore off we quickly regrouped to top it up. We finished him in just under 3 minutes including running up to him and his phase transition.
By Anonymous
Coolest looking Halberd

Wish more of the Halberd took that simpler style

The other are kind of overdesigned imo, like the Golden and Nightrider

But sadly it's really not that good of a Halberd in comparison, the buff is cool but the movement and scaling makes it average at best

Really piss me off because I love how it looks, with a cool shield it could be a God tier fashion statement

By Anonymous
worth noting: I was checking weapons at +25 with 80/80 STR/DEX and this weapon (with no infusion cuz it can’t be infused) outdamages all the other halberds with Quality infusions. So this ends up good.
By Anonymous
Nightrider just seems weirdly proportioned to me. Head looks too big for the haft.
By Anonymous
The lord mentioned in the description is very likely the storm lord, given by how he uses wind abilities to fight you, and we know that the storm lord was fled.
By Anonymous
Storm lord is dead actually. So false
By Anonymous
it's Radahn my guy, aeonia is where malenia and him fought
By Anonymous
It isn't Radahn because he did not flee from the desert Malenia bloomed
By Anonymous
It’s godrick lore talks of him fighting and hiding from Melania and radahn
By Anonymous
Much better than golden vow.
By Anonymous
Super badass weapon for coop. Feels like you're rallying your troops into battle.
By Anonymous
excellent all-around weapon with a universally applicable ash of war.
By Anonymous
Me when using this in the Radahn boss fight: Hear me! Ye Tarnished, mighty warriors who have gathered here! Though we may be rivals...or from completely different eras, we must stand together now! My true name is Jeanne d'Arc! In the name of the Elden Lord...I shall become your shield!
By Anonymous
Please go LARP elsewhere
By Anonymous
Mega über nuclear cringe
By Anonymous
French, therefore cringe
By Anonymous
Should give temporary rot buildup when using commanders standard ):
By Anonymous
Goes very well with mimic since the mimic will automatically buff both of you.
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