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By Anonymous
Costs too much FP for only 10% extra damage, they should either buff the damage or reduce the FP cost to 30-40%
By Anonymous
It pairs great with FP use negation from wondrous phisick in the first 10 sec of a boss fight. The 10% stacks with everything else so it’s usually more than 10%.
By Anonymous
Don't mind my downvote, it was accidental
By Anonymous
I wish all the carian scepter weilders would realise that big damage always better, and switch to this.
By Anonymous
3 weaker spells will do more damage than 2 strong.
By Anonymous
Needs a buff. 10% extra damage doesnt justify the 50% extra cost, it should be at least 20% more. I want to use lusat crown as well, so i will use the primal shard talisman, but i wish the boost could be more substantial, because it doesnt feel like the extra cost is really paying off.
By Anonymous
This is very much a late game staff, you shouldn’t even consider using this up unless you have at least 300 FP. Sounds like you level 80 with 130FP…

By Anonymous
Niche, but the boost to Carian Slicer is extremely useful. As it has very low FP cost as it is, the extra dmg boost far outweighs the extra FP-cost. With its attack speed, it will demolish most bosses.
By Anonymous
So technically this descrition is misleading like so many others. It does NOT boost any specific sorceries unlike other staffs like Carian Regal which specifically boosts moon spells by like 10%. This staff just offers highest (int only) scaling while also costing 50% more fp per cast. The description should read something like "provides high spell damage while draining its users fp" So again this staff does not provide any actual bonus damage for a class of spell. It just is a high scaling staff while also making your spells cost more.
By astrix
The description is just fine. "Enhances power of all sorceries, but consumes additional FP" is the same as your suggestion just worded differently.
By Anonymous
@02 April. It's not exactly the same, there is a nuance here.
"Enhances power of all sorceries" would mean it's an additional bonus, on top of the int scaling. Every other staff that has "enhances power of XXX sorceries" is a bonus on top of the int scaling, it's not included in the int scaling of the staff.

If the OP is right, then there is not additional bonus, just a high int scaling, so the description would be more accurate as something like "Provides high intelligence scaling at the cost of more FP consumption"
By Anonymous
I feel like the description should just be "Boasts very high sorcery scaling"
By Anonymous
Does this give a damage boost to all spells?
By Anonymous
Does this boost effect Schollars Armament
By Anonymous
All the weapon buff spells work solely from the main stat scaling, not from the sorcery scaling. (same with faith buffs). So yeah, this should affect it.
By Anonymous
Where does it say it cost more FP? Or have people just tested it and figured it out? I'm new to the whole series of games, so just learning this stuff.
By Anonymous
It's in the weapon's description. Press X/square with the weapon selected in the inventory to read it.
By Anonymous
The additional cost from this staff should be a flat amount and not percentage based. This would limit slicer and swift pebble spam in pvp while retaining high damage on sorceries. This staff should turn already powerful endgame spells into nukes not encourage spam playstyle with basic sorceries.
By Anonymous
Really nice in pvp but in pve the FP cost is way too high, it should be reduced to something like 40%, in my opinion
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
The handle on this bears a surprising resemblance to the handle of Marika's Hammer. Doubt there's any connection, but it's still neat.
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