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By Anonymous
Can someone fix the page to say “lesser kindred of rot” instead of “prawn miner”. Funny though it may be, newcomers could get confused
By Anonymous
Even if it was at the cost of innate bleed, I wish this thing did strike damage to really set it apart from other katana
By Anonymous
an idea for an ash of war for this,

yknow that spiraling and flying attack radahn has? maybe something like that

you jump up prepare your blade then fall down in a flurry of spiraling slashes around you, it would fit with the description even more, then of course all of radahns gravity magic would have a AOW or spell counterpart
By Anonymous
An easy fix to the Meteoric Ore Blade, Serpentbone Blade and Dragonscale Blade Katanas would be to increase the Meteoric Ore Blade Katana's scaling to B Str, E Dex and B Int, making it the Strength equivalent of the Moonveil Katana.

What I would do with the Serpentbone Blade katana is to make it buffable with grease or incantations(Similar to Bloodhound fang or Treespear), giving you the option to get bleed from Bloodflame Blade or more poison build up from Poison Armamanent.

What I would do with the Dragonscale Blade Katana is give it a passive frostbite of 50, making it more viable without using its Ash of War. The last thing I would do is change the Ash of War. It's simply not a good AOW to use as a weapon buff. What I had in mind would be to give it a AOW duplicate like some of the other Katanas have, like moonveil having a better version of unsheathe and ROA having a better version of Double Slash. So my idea would be to give it a better version of Piercing Fang(Nagakiba's AOW), and what I would change about it would be to make the blade call down a bolt of ice lightning into the blade whilst holding the weapon horizontally similar to Piercing Fang, and when thrusting, bringing down the bolt of ice lightning upon a foe like the ash of war it already has, giving the 130 flat lightning damage and 30 frostbite build up instead of 80, since it already has the passive 50 frostbite.

By making these changes, It would make them more likely to be used and be able to hold their end against the Moonveil and Rivers of Blood Katanas.
By Anonymous
Jerren's Dialogue and this weapon's location in the Caelid swamp may imply it was forged by Iji
"Strange fella, when I knew him. And funny thing, his swords were all blunt as stone. But not one of them decayed when faced with the scarlet rot..."
By Anonymous
Extremely comfy weapon. Rushed it at the start of the game and still loving it.
By Anonymous
My favourite katana, helped me a lot with Rennala, i think im gonna level strength a little so i can use it without starscourge talisman
By Anonymous
If you think that this is a pure int or dex/int weapon then you will be eventually disappointed, you should level mainly str to make the most out of this weapon.
By Anonymous
super satisfying pseudo-combo with the gravitas into R2
By Anonymous
Probably my favorite weapon on my Str/Int build next to the Ruins GS. This thing is just so well rounded and does reliable damage. Nothing too flashy, but the R2’s are really nice for catching people when you mix up the timing
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By illusorywall
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After doing a recent deep dive into poise, I had someone ask about the poise damage of this weapon and think the community might be a little mislead by some of the notes and discussion here (just search "poise" in the comments and you'll find specific praise for it). I think the note about having good poise damage with its charged attacks after mention of a special heavy attack compared to other katanas might be confusing some readers.

This weapon's poise damage is identical to other Katanas, which is also identical to most Straight Swords, Axes, Spears, Fist Weapons, Curved Swords and Twinblades (there are a few outliers in some of these classes but it's all mostly the same). That is to say, two 2-handed charged attacks from any of these weapons can break the stance of enemies like Banished Knights, Grave Warden Duelists, Tougher Misbegotten, Onyx Lords, Perfumers, Cleanrot Knights, etc. It's good to know about your weapon's ability to do this sort of thing, but there's nothing special about this particular weapon's poise damage. The page doesn't outright say it's better, but that seems to be the impression a lot are taking away.
By Anonymous
The benefit on the R2’s on this weapon in terms of poise damage is this: the speed they come out. You can outright staggerlock enemeies with the charge attacks because they come out insanely quick.
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