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By Anonymous
Does anybody else find it odd how this staff, staff of loss and carian glintblade staff have dex scaling when the rest don't?
despite all staffs having str scaling and the aforementioned 3 with dex scaling it has no effect on the staffs ability as casting tool (outside the bonus to cast speed) or as a bonk stick the scaling seems to be there for the sake of being there.
By Anonymous
I think that was Fromsoft’s way of saying “the sorceries that these staves boost can take… a while. So we’re going to make these few scale based off of Dex to encourage players to put points into Dex to speed up those spells, and also to make sure there are enough Dex/INT staves available for that build.”
By Anonymous
Not everyone wants to be a STR/INT build. Some want to be DEX/INT builds. Also, the spells that those staves boost tend to be on the slow side, so the DEX scaling makes sense for those because of the cast speed increase.
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By WyvernCutless
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Makes sense that the Staff of Loss and Carian Glintblade Staff share such similarity, seeing how the former looks like just the latter with less coloration and the glintstone missing.
By Anonymous
-Level INT to 80

-Equip 61+ poise

-Equip shard of Alexander

-Drink magic boosting physik

-Cast Terra Magicka

-Spam slow sorceries

-Wait until opponent comes to punish, proceed to blast them in the face with the skill

10/10, best staff.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know how much poise damage the weapon skill does? When I fought Malenia I noticed that my mimic-tear kept breaking her poise when they used this weapons skill. So I tried it and omg, it does so much poise damage. I was able to consistently have a perfect first phase on Malenia because I would just spin my staff in her face and there was literally nothing she could do about it. I was using dual katanas and my normal light attacks did 0 stagger, but this weapons skill could basically interrupt anything she did.
By Anonymous
If someone can add it to the wiki.
Using an other staff off hand boost the full moon sorceries by an extra 10%.
Tested with a +6 scepter, 79 int, magic scorpion charm, magic cracked tear (the +25% magic damage one) and magica terra.
2308 damage without off hand staff.
2539 with off hand carian regal scepter.
So 2539/2308 = 1.10008... extra 10% damage
By Anonymous
?? isnt this supposed to be generally the best staff in the game (ignoring lusats bc fp)
+22 carian glintstone staff sorc scaling 275
+9 carian regal scepter sorc scaling 274
60 int, am i missing something? i use slicer and piercer very often and i dont even have either of the moon spells so c. glintstone is strictly better in every way, and it isnt even as upgraded as the scepter
By Anonymous
Not a staff you should have at req. only because it's meant for min-maxing INT builds. At 80 int it's got the 2nd highest sorcery scaling, so this is your go to staff if you want to not burn through FP and still deal decent damage. The boost to full moon sorceries isn't any more noticeable than the boost in damage you get from Lusat's, but the weapon art deals damage that scales with the sorc scaling so you can really catch someone lacking and oneshot them with the magic oreo
By Anonymous
The way the highest INT scaling staves have always worked is that they start with a lower spell boost at lower levels compared to other staves, but they have higher scaling. At level 68 INT, this staff does indeed become the best staff in the game.
By Anonymous
It's because there are two types of stat scaling with glintstone staffs, front-loaded and back-loaded. front-loaded staffs get the biggest sorcery scaling increase from 40-60 int (carian glintstone staff is front loaded), back-loaded staffs get their biggest increase from 60-80 int. Carian Regal Scepter is a backloaded staff, so you haven't actually gotten the into the intelligence range that the staff truly benefits from. At 80 or even just 70 int this staff will perform much better than the max upgrade on the carian glintstone staff. There's a Reddit post called "Helpful Charts for Offensive Stat Scaling" that was posted to the Elden Ring subreddit that visualizes the stat scaling for most weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Does have 2 staff equipped give us double bonus for Moon sorceries ?
By Anonymous
Yes, and then some. Since damage multipliers are multiplicative, you get a little extra bang for your buck, even if it only gives you around 1% extra damage.
By Anonymous
I tested and it gives almost precisly an extra 10% damage (2539 vs 2308), so if you're using them a lot it might be worth it
By Anonymous
The special skill to this weapon is just WEIRD! I think having a Demi-Terra Magic skill would have made more sense then toss it at enemies and watch it spin.
By Anonymous
The spin is really good. I feel like it rivals Carian slicer because of the poise damage. And besides there are more than enough memory slots for terra magica.
By Anonymous
If you also use Winged Sword Insignia, a single use of the spin will get you the max damage boost.
By Anonymous
recently rewatched the soul of cinder fight and noticed the sorcerer phase actually holds the sword (which others have pointed out looks really similar to this staff) the same way the tarnished holds the staff
By Anonymous
What percentage of damage is the increase for the moon sorceries?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Tested on the trash mobs in Cave of Knowledge. Looks more like an 8% bonus.
By Anonymous
Well, I looked at the actual values in the game code. It's 10%.
By Anonymous
It's 10%, you also have to account for mobs absorbtion/defense.
By Anonymous
The only annoying part of this weapon is that the mimic tear keeps spinning instead of casting sorceries.
By Anonymous
put the staff on your left hand, duh
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