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By Anonymous
Carried me through the game
By Anonymous
The note about jumping R2 poise damage is wrong. I tested the jump R2s against the Omen by the Underground Roadside and broke their stance in 2 shots with the giant crusher vs 3 with the greatsword, both at max +25. The only attack that deals less poise is the first basic R2, which is likely because it can flatten susceptible enemies as stated. None of the other attacks, including the follow-up R2, seem affected.
By Anonymous
That’s it I’m getting me mallet.
By Anonymous
why can't i put unsheathe on my giant crusher
By Anonymous
The only weapon able to kill GIANT DAD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
is broken can oneshot every boss exept elden ring beast
By Anonymous
should give it endurance scaling for memes
By Anonymous
Keen Giant-Crusher slaps
By Anonymous
Malenia may have not been a giant in size, but rather in the great arts; and therefor was felled by my Giant Crusher.
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