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By Arthurice
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It's unfortunate that the +15% bonus doesn't apply to buffs like Electrify Armament or even Vyke's Dragonbolt, when Sorcery get something like Lusat's Glintstone Staff which boosts the damage of everything, including Scholar's Armament, making it add more damage at similar investment levels than any of the other weapon buffs. That just feels wrong to me considering Incantations are more generally known for their buffs, and they have 5 of them in comparison to Sorceries which has 1. (I'm not counting buffs that don't add damage to your weapon, like Poison Armament or Unseen Blade)
By Anonymous
Want lightning infusion on your 50-80 fth build? Lightning slash AOW buff on small/medium lightning affinity weapons with small investments into dex will reach similar AR as sacred infused weapons at 50+ fth. By small investments into dex I mean 15-30 which make your casting speed faster anyways... and lightning is probably better than sacred for pvp due to resistances and armor. Of course, sacred infusion with sacred blade buff out performs this but that is debatable in both pve/pvp. Just pointing out a possibly less optimal but viable method of having a lightning infusion and not needing to get jump attacked during electrify armament.
By A_Call_Beyond
This thing still needs dex scaling. I really want to make a full on dex faith lightning build but the game just doesn't let me . And I prefer not going over level 200 just to achieve that. We have a strength faith seal. And an arcane one. Even a Int faith one. And a seal that needs completely mad stat allocation. Give us a dex seal already. Geez..
By Junebug001
Flame grant me strength only affects phy and fire spells
By Anonymous
...and the dragons were no more.
By Anonymous
Glory to the dragons, my friends
By Anonymous
I ran a pure faith build on NG+ and I decided to use two of these for most of that playthrough. I put one in each hand, walked right up to Placidusax and nuked him into oblivion with Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strikes. Absolutely mental!
By Anonymous
Can you get this in ashen capitol mode
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