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By Anonymous
The skill list is missing Loretta's Slash.
By Anonymous
I know the question is pretty stupid, but I hope you guys can help me out still. If I am fighting with Frostbite and Blood at the same time, does it increase the damage of the bleed burst if the target is frostbitten?
By Anonymous
Casting Deadly sin flame buff and frostbite weapons can make you trigger frostbite rapidly.
By Anonymous
I'm new to the game-- why is that good? Isn't a big advantage of frostbite the defense and stamina debuffs? Or is it good to cancel out with fire bc of you reapply fast enough the damage done by frostbite stacks up quickly?
By Anonymous
@sep26 I agree with you, I don’t see the point of going through the effort to deal fire damage and reapplying Frostbite just for a measly 5% boss damage.
By Anonymous
Roped freezing pots are cut content
By Anonymous
Amazing for mages.
By Anonymous
Hey, the Dragon Halberd`s skill also inflicts Frostbite, but isnt included on this list.
By Anonymous
its ash of war is on the list as it does not have innate frost
By Anonymous
It doesn't mention if it stacks with defense shred debuffs like Greyoll's roar?
By Anonymous
does resetting via fire remove the debuffs?
By Anonymous
It says it in the frostbite effects in elden ring section
By Anonymous
yes, but debuffs will only last for 30 secs. there are times where using a flame pot or fire bow to remove the debuff is advantageous for you, like if you have around 7 secs left on your debuff and the enemy runs away from you. if you are using rannis dark moon to proc frostbite repeatedly then using this strategy can be really helpful in a fight. you ideally want to proc frost at a time when you can just lay into the enemy and get the most damage out of your debuff.
By Anonymous
Hmmm I might be blind but why isn’t there any talismans or spells/incantations or even armor that boost frost in anyway
By Anonymous
Ranni's Snow Witch Hat gives a 10% buff to frost damage. Other than that, there's not much :(
By Anonymous
Ranni’s hat boosts cold sorcery, but this is all that comes to mind. I still love building around it, though.
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