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By Anonymous
DAE think he's squishy asf? Not saying easy at all or trying to humblebrag but my 24+ Heavy Claymore was hitting like a truck at 45 str, felt weird after Godskin Duo
By Anonymous
yea he has weak ankles hes senior dog please be careful around him
By Anonymous
Slave knight Gael
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You ever try being aggressive or are you just a coward hiding on the other side of the room waiting for the impossible chance his ai just breaks and he freezes for you to hit him.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This was a tough one for me. Camera was causing me all kinds of problems and I was getting killed in 2 hits. Then I gave in and summoned the greatshield soldiers and they aggro'd him where no other summons would.
By Anonymous
Wrecked him moghwyns sacred spear
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
maliketh when he says his name and occupation is so much better than when malenia does it
By Anonymous
Maybe partially because you don't have to listen to it thousands and thousands of times again and again. (unless you did)
By Anonymous
So Elden Ring's answer to the grim reaper is a big sexy werewolf clad in plate armour with a giant sword made of death, who does a whole bunch of ridiculous anime moves and backflips? Yep I'm a certified Maliketh simp.
By Anonymous
In the heat of the moment I was too focused on getting my *** shredded, but looking back on it, his dialogue and lore made me feel so sad for killing him, the way he sounds so betrayed in his intro after you give him all of the deathroot really hurts, this fight really made me feel like a complete ******* for turning on him like that.
By Anonymous
You didn't "turn" on jack s***. The whole purpose of you even being there is to become Elden Lord and to restore the Golden Order. This was just a doggo who you fed death to and stood in your way in the end.
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate that one attack. You know which one.
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