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By Anonymous
I had way more trouble with the Knight on horseback guarding his arena. I don't know why, but that guy kept wrecking my **** up.
Then I finally kill him and walk into Maliketh's house like "I'm too tired for this ****" and just wallop him.
Which is funny, because back when he went beast mode that one time at his temple, he kicked the **** out of me several times before I could subdue him
By Anonymous
You absolutely should not be blocking his attacks in phase 2. Always dodge. The DOT is a killer.
By Anonymous
There are definetely harder fights in the game. However, this is the worst designed boss in the entire game along with the fire giant...
By Anonymous
Worst boss in the game. Even Godskin duo wasn’t this unbalanced. Downvote if you agree
By Anonymous
Any tips for dodging or at least anticipating Beast Clergyman's combo/lunge into Bestial Sling? I feel like there's no way to tell whether I can punish him or if I'm going to eat a faceful of rocks for thinking I can punish him.
By Anonymous
Night Maiden's Mist spell + keeping a column between you trivializes his first phase. Remember to keep your shield up just in case!
By Anonymous
Beat him with no summons, no other players, no dmg taken, no buffs and no blasphemous claw. Nothing but a +5 serpentbone blade. Way too easy
By Anonymous
Any askers????
By Anonymous
Dog God
By Anonymous
Aways wanted one to worship
By Anonymous
I am trash at this game
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By jeon
I love this fight. Tough for melee, easy for sorceries and incantations; moves a lot, so ranged makes it easier to deliver damage. Without summons you need to be very skilled, it's hard to attack him if he's always targeting you... he's the bearer of destined death! i expected no less...

but, yeah, easy fight for casters
By Anonymous
Yeah idk about that one, ive had no trouble with this guy with melee builds, but im trying a caster build now and its a hard wall. I have no time to cast anything and even if I get a cast off it feels like i have to get lucky asf to have it actually hit him.
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By Pandamygdala
"moves a lot, so ranged makes it easier to deliver damage."

Moves a lot, so all of my ranged attacks miss.
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate that one attack. You know which one.
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