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By Anonymous
I ****ing hate that one attack. You know which one.
By Anonymous
Been looking for this guy since the trailer, i'm sure his fight is not gonna disappoint me
By Sleepyroad_tv
What happens if you kill gurrranq prior to coming here?
By Anonymous
He has an extra dialogue the first time you enter, that's it.
By Anonymous
Maliketh is still there.
By Anonymous
nothing, he gives you an ancient dragon smithing stone
By Anonymous
yeah but he drops an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone so there's that
By Anonymous
As someone who has fought all the bosses...hardest boss in the game by far. As well as the best.
By Anonymous
I doubt you fought all the bosses... made me think the boss fight was going to be hard but it was nothing after 2 hours of Malenia. The only thing about this boss is the cheese. When the second phase starts and the cutscene plays it teleports you to a new location. It got my off guard twice, but third time was the charm. General Radhan was my favorite but Dragonlord Placidusax was a force of nature. Epic dragon fight.
By Anonymous
The second phase is awesome but i despise the first one.

By Anonymous
Harder than malenia??
By Anonymous
Big doubt you fought all bosses
By Anonymous
this boss is very strong!!
very few health but very high damage and also very fast, this is a glass canon boss, very rare in these games!

if you do not have powerful ranged attacks or quick melee weapon, you are gonna have a bad time, this boss made me rebirth to a dex mage and then it went smoothly!
By Anonymous
what? how does he have ''very few health'' ? dude is tanky as all hell lmao
By Anonymous
Cool Animations, Boring Fight, Lots of waiting and dodging for a single strike.
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By Paradyme
Where do you find this boss? Im already at the new area where he's found but I've been looking everywhere and haven't found the boss area. Im probably blind lol
By Anonymous
I hadn���t considered poison. I���ve been using bleed which worked well in the first phase but not so much in the second
By Anonymous
First you go way down, then slightly up lol
By Anonymous
Scarlet rot + poison made this boss breeze
By Anonymous
This comment should get more attention. Scarlet rot is the way if you are struggling. Use mimic tear to disctract him, fast wepon with rot, and then run the f away.
By Anonymous
This is actually important for anyone struggling and should be added to the wiki strategy asap.
By Anonymous
loving the long, pointless runback before the boss arena
By Anonymous
Waht dobyou mean by long? The run back is really dhort. Conpared to other bosses maybe not, but still it's pretty short.
By Anonymous
Have you played any souls games before this? The walk backs in this game are literally nothing compared to some of the runs you had to do to get back to a boss in previous games.
By Anonymous
buddy hasn't played ds2 and it shows
By Anonymous
Best fight, adrenaline pumped in my veins
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