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By Anonymous
So, after A LOT of trial and error, I found a great way to cheese this fight:

Pure Dex Melee Build, using Antspur Rapier (with Bloody Slash for that Blood Loss status), a decent small shield and the Marionette Soldiers summons (fully upgraded), this fight is a (relative) cakewalk.

Beast Clergyman is easy with this setup - let the Marionettes draw aggro, poke him from behind at every opportunity to build up scarlet rot and the blood loss, only tricky part are the ranged incantations if you draw aggro off the summons.

Maliketh himself is a different story. Many comments suggest staying within melee range as much as possible, and I agree. I died most to his ranged attacks. He has one magic-based(?) close range attack that is devastating, but can be avoided if you're behind him. Otherwise, poke him to inflict scarlet rot, then let the summons/rot do their job.

Pro tip: Use the pillars! If you need to back off to heal, get behind the pillars and break line of sight - his ranged attacks will hit the pillars instead of you, and he'll eventually stop attacking if he can't see you (he will search for you, though.)
By Anonymous
how is this cheese? this is just a way to fight the boss
By Anonymous
stg this dude is my daddy
By Anonymous
I want him.
By Anonymous
The natural evolution of Guts-type enemies
By Anonymous
This guy makes malenia his maid
By Anonymous
Kind of sus since Malenia is his niece.
By Anonymous
got summoned for coop for him one time, as soon as host entered fog gate he went into second phase. when we tried to hit him no damage would go though. why is this boss so bugged in coop?
By Anonymous
Funny how people are either praising this fight and saying it's one of their favorites, or there are just as many venting about how much they hate him, curious
By Anonymous
The natural evolution of dog-type enemies
By Anonymous
0 poise boss lmao
By Anonymous
Roll into his crouch, to dodge attacks...Yeah. Thats all. Definitely no other reason.
By Anonymous
I ****ing hate that one attack. You know which one.
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