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By Ratoeira
Bug: After 1.09 when using the Finger Snap gesture he may jumps down aggroed.
It happened on my most recent playthrough too.
By Anonymous
This only happens if you piss off the runebear first
By Anonymous
If you go through the whole jogging across the Lands Between back and forth -marathon, and talk to Jerren after defeating the duo boss at the plaza prior to triggering the festival, talk to Iji, talk to Jerren about Iji and then again to Iji about Jerren... you can tell Blaidd at Siofra River what they said, instead of the Seluvis-Sellen route. With slight dialogue change, the quest progresses as usual after that.
By Anonymous
I think patch 1.09 broke him.

He's always hostile when I enter the mistwood regardless of whether I did anything or not on 2 seperate new games I started. They must have screwed up his collision or something.
By Anonymous
this is not the case for me.
By Anonymous
Got really scared for a second because I killed the sleeping runebear inside the ruins and then the realization dawned on me. But I heard the howling before I did, so we're good we still bros :)
By Anonymous
I can tell you Astel isn't the trigger for him to appear at Ranni's Rise.
By Anonymous
It was for me. Before beating Astel, there were 3-4 wolve outside Ranni's rise. Then I decided to go to Lake of Rot and somehow I ended up beating Astel. Actually maybe it's not beating Astel but rather reaching Moonlight Altar.
By Anonymous
So, I may have messed up royally here, but after meeting with Blaidd in Siofra and going back to talk with Seluvis, I killed Seluvis and talked with the sorceress who then told me to go back and speak with Blaidd. But when I got back to Siofra, Blaidd was hostile and Ranni was missing. Is there any way to fix this issue, or am I just SOL?
By Anonymous
Try using celestial dew?
By Anonymous
Try using celestial dew at church of vows?
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me on a second playthrough because i wanted to kill that slimy ****er with my own two hands. Just go to the church of vows and absolve your self with a celestial dew, you'll be able to continue Ranni's quest like nothing ever happened
By Anonymous
Tell Iji's story
By Anonymous
Blaidd is a fictional character.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
he's real to me!
By Anonymous
"They hated him because he spoke the truth."
By Anonymous
Blaidd deserved better...I wish we could have saved him somehow. He didn't deserve to be betrayed by the one person he considered his close friend...all because Ranni is a selfish ***** who didn't care about anyone but herself.
By Anonymous
Ranni has nothing to do with Blaidd being imprisoned. It was on Iji's initiative because he knew that, as Ranni's shadow, Blaidd was doomed to turn against her if she betrayed the greater will. Ranni loved them both.
By Anonymous
It isn't Ranni's fault the two fingers brainwashed Blaidd and planted a sleeper agent to watch over her
By Anonymous
dog guts
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