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i feel like a katana thats heavier and bigger than the uchi should have more strength scaling than dex
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"If his questline is progressed too far without killing Eleonora (to the point where his body is taken by Shabriri), the Nagakiba can be found in one of the prior locations the player saw Yura: 1. at Yura's camp north-east of the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, 2. at the underpass below the Murkwater Coast Site of Grace, or 3. on the edge of the bridge a little way away from the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace."

I had not killed eleonora and I found it in the second church of marika
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Barbaric Roar + this = Wrathful Samurai. The savage heavy attack for Katanas is so fun to me. Plus you get a bit of hyper armor for the duration. Probably a bit cancerous if I do say so myself.
Now if you'll excuse me : D
By Anonymous
I hate that this exists.
By Anonymous
Try wakazashi in the offhand for smaller enemies, lower to the ground (rats etc) and to avoid bouncing off walls
By Anonymous
real gamers qual infuse this and 2-hand it
By Anonymous
Does anyone know how the R2 poise damage is compared to the uchigatana?
By Anonymous
Best katana after 1.07, one of the best weapons overall.
By Anonymous
If you never spoke to Yura before reaching Moutaintops of the Giants, you can pick up the sword just north of Pete's cave. Just get out and head north. It will be just before the jellyfish
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