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By Yelex
washing pole in elden ring!
By Anonymous
This is basically the Washing Pole of Elden Ring
By jampuppy5
You get this by doing yura's questline
By Anonymous
I killed him��������
By Anonymous
Thank you. I was wondering if there was a way to do it without killing him
By Anonymous
We need to kill him ?
He don't give us if we complete his quest ???
By Anonymous
Yes he does
By beeverz
Here's a quick guide for this sword
By Anonymous
I killed bloody fingers but got the dagger instead. Should I just kill Yura for the blade at this point because I didn’t get it?
By Anonymous
Yura drops the katana, the invader drops the dagger.
By Anonymous
Yura drops the katana, the invader drops a dagger.
By Anonymous
dont in the late game he gives a sick twin blade, it's called Eleanor Poleblade
By Anonymous
Dual wielding this is lit <3
By Anonymous
@dontgohollow If you use any katana weapon (as well as the wakizashi dagger) in your off hand you power stance with both.
By Anonymous
can you get it without killing him?
By Anonymous
Yes, after finishing his quest.
By Anonymous
Yeah, you���ll run in to Yura a couple times throughout the game and you can get the katana without killing him
By Anonymous
Yes, make his quest and you will get it and not just that one.
By Anonymous
Yes, he���ll give it to you after his questline
By Anonymous
Yeah , at the end of his questline
By Anonymous
Yes. Continue his quest line.
By Anonymous
If you missed his quest you can still get it by following the river north from the mirkwater cave grace. no quest req, but I was late in the game when I got it so you may have to progress past the zamor ruins encounter for this. I have not verified this though so you may be able to get it earlier.
By StrayXL
You can get it even if you ignored him or forgot about him
I ended up at the Mountain top of Giants and killed Okina, skipping most of the quest but when I returned to his 1st location his sword was on the ground. (You may have to trigger the first Bloody Finger because I killed him when I went back but didnt rest at grace when I Killed it and Yura did not show up to help)

Addtionally, all of the other bloody fingers will still spawn and available even the one that has the summon sign
By Anonymous
Wasn't at his first location, but found the katana at his second location, north of Murkwater Cave.
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