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By Anonymous
this should really be a tool instead of a consumable.
By Anonymous
This item essentially makes your super sayan for 15 seconds. If an annoying boss has very little health, pop this and facetank trade them for the win. The only problem is remembering that you have this item with you, and the actually use it. The other problem is remembering to get one before a boss.
By Anonymous
The blessing of the SIMP
By Anonymous
The fact people think this item is bad or useless speaks volume of how little people understand poise and damage negation. This is my favorite item in the game. 5% hp is nothing. I'd give that up in a heartbeat to make this item similar to the wonderous flask (refills when resting). I pretty much pick one up b4 every remembrance boss and the occasional tough boss. Get em about 33% hp pending boss hp, pop this, and then just rampage while being able to easily trade and practically unstaggerable. Between the Shackles and this, the Omen twins are a joke.
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