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By Anonymous
onyx blade?
By Anonymous
Not really, Helphen's Steeple is almost exactly like the Onyx Blade though. It has the same weapon art scales with Int and Strength.
By Anonymous
this weapon is a reward for killing a boss in the bottom of the "Divine Tower of Caelid" and it actually has a c scaling in dex not a d
By Anonymous
looking at it right now in game. its D scaling for dex
By Anonymous
it starts with a D scaling and after a few upgrades it also improves scaling, like most weapons
By Anonymous
So just no imagine just an assumption
By Anonymous
where is it?
By Anonymous
The godslayer great sword is found in the divine tower of Caelid, after the boss in the basement
By Anonymous
how do you get this sword?
By Anonymous
This is the Firelink Sword.
By Anonymous
Does anybody know how to get this? I saw somebody using it in co-op yesterday.
By Anonymous
found in divine tower of caelid
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