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By Anonymous
Is this boss optional or not?
By Anonymous
Not optional
By Anonymous
not optional
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Makes my game crash on phase 2 :/ what am I supposed to do to beat that.
By Anonymous
Sadly it will crash if you're on the horse when he transitions into phase 2, so much sure you're on foot when that happens
By Anonymous
Dismount before moving to 2nd phase
By Anonymous
I don't know about you, but the game only crashed when I skipped the cut scene immediately. I had to wait around until he tore his own foot off before I could skip, then it won't crash. For me, it worked on and off the horse.
By Anonymous
It crashes for me as well I have no clue how to stop it from happening
By Anonymous
Bruh this bosses health bar is enourmous
By Anonymous
attack the foot with the rope
By Anonymous
What rope you talking about`?
By Anonymous
The big brace thing, not the metal shackle. Should be his left foot
By Anonymous
game crashes when I skip the second phase cutscene
By Anonymous
Boss is not optional, has 2 phases, massive health bar, if you are crashing on phase 2 make sure you are off your horse before activating the cutscene. I would recommend hopping off just before half hp and getting those last couple of hits on foot
By Anonymous
anybody know what im supposed to be hitting on the second phase
By Anonymous
No place in particular. His weak spot is gone. Try to hit what ever is closest to you. He'll occasionally roll which one shot me at 30 vig, but other than that it isn't bad. Just stick close to him, and utilize rolling between his legs to get behind him when he starts attacking. GL!
By Anonymous
Attack his left food until it cracks and keep attacking it for bonus damage, When he tries to erupt flames from the ground just look down and avoid the incoming flame bursts (sometimes you can even keep hitting his foot for free). At around half hp he rips off whats left of his leg and fully awakens. For his 2nd phase i highly recommend staying close but not exactly under him since you just want to minimize his magic attacks (which are incredibly hard to dodge) and dodge his slow/easy melee strikes. You can punish most of his melee attacks and he takes bonus damage on his wrists (plus jumping heavies can hit multiple parts of him in one swings, like his head and arm at once). Just sayin his 2nd phase was long as all hell and i bet theres some sort of gimmick to hit his real face somehow since he takes forever to kill even with a 19+ heavy greatsword (~50 str)
By Anonymous
Any tips, been using +18 claws, got him to low health and ran out of flasks
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