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By Anonymous
I beat him at level 71 with alexander, I shanked his ankle for phase 1, and then for phase 2 I spammed radahn spears at him
By Llism
Others have said it, but Tiche + Rotten Breath + Alexander is a amazing combo. I used something with Bloodhound’s Step to get in and out from under his feet quickly when applying Rotten Breath, but otherwise I stayed well out of the way and let my minions do the work.
By Anonymous
This is a nasty c**t of a boss.
By Anonymous
Funny how they bothered to put a dialogue section in for this guy when he just screams in pain and rage.
By Anonymous
Someone should proly change the magic user tips, cause the current "tips" seem to the written by someone who's overly pretentious.
By Anonymous
Where’s the nearest summoning pool for this guy? I want to make a build against him to help others but I swear I cannot find a pool anywhere near his boss room
By Anonymous
its right by the closest site of grace
By Anonymous
Took down this boss using my royal greatsword upto first ancient dragon smith stone, and my plus 5 mimic. took me 7 tries.

Yes, it is possible.
By Anonymous
His Physical Def is NOT zero.
By Anonymous
I've played all the souls games, and I am hardcore ER fanboy, but for the love of god, after the first playthrough of this boss, where its a huge and awesome spectacle, subsequent fights against him feel like such a chore. He runs away WAY too much, and due to the arena being sloped, he can easily position himself on top of a rock or hill where you have to spend another 5 seconds of time trying to get to his weakened leg. He takes extra bonus damage in his eye, but unless you're free aiming with certain incantations or spells, you will barely ever hit it.
By Anonymous
dude drops 162K with gold scarab equipped. NOT 180k as listed
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