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By Anonymous
The only problem that I have with him is that a literal enemy of golden order and erdtree has 20% holy defense while also not being immune to fire damage while literally containing an outer god of fire in his stomach....
Also for people that don't know, you can completely negate his flame of fell god (giant floating exploding fireballs) by absorbing it with carian retaliation, or walk away while it ready to explode...
And if you have problems with camera while locked on, just free aim it, and listen for the attack sound ques...
By Anonymous
Bloody Slash on an Uchigatana +18 does a lot of damage to his weak points.
By Anonymous
Bro 18 isn't to much ?
By Anonymous
Too easy
By Anonymous
You’re insane
By Anonymous
Skill issue if you actually think this guy is hard stay near the legs in stage one and bait out his hand slams in sage 2
By Anonymous
a lot of irate people here. i feel like im the only person who never got anrgy at elden ring, and this is coming from a person who hadnt played a soulslike before this. i personally thought fire giant was an intimidating visual spectacle and i appreciated how rewarding alexander was, knowing that he was only available because i had kept up with his questline. i also think him having a very visual weak spot was a nice change of pace as most of the enemies are just weak to their heads.
By Anonymous
I kinda struggled with him as a mage at first, mostly cause his attacks hit like a truck and even one-shot Torrent. After trying to use Rain of Stars and melee attacks, I found out that using the good ol' comet to hit his leg was the best strategy anyway. I also summoned Latenna just to get some little extra damage.
After dying a couple of times to his second phase, I said screw it, gulped down Cerulean Hidden Tear and nuked him with Azure Comet while he did his long *** second phase animation. A couple more spells after and he's dead.
By Anonymous
worst boss in the game by far
By Anonymous
Melina, are we the baddies?
By Anonymous
As a general rule, the one who attacks is the bad guy and the one who defends is the good guy.
By Anonymous
You forgot to add "WAAAH!!11!" at the end there.
By Anonymous
Alexander really helps in this fight since he has a overwhelming amount of HP and is a really good distraction so you can get hits in. I also found that even though the Fire Giant is massive, he can be easily stunned if you hit him in his left hoot or his hands for his final stage. Honestly, not as hard as people make it out to be.
By Anonymous
He gets stunned once when the brace breaks, and you get about two or three free shots in before he rolls away again and goes into fire mode. It's an awful experience.
By Anonymous
Alexander is also immune to fire and doesn’t increse boss hearth
By Anonymous
I succeeded second attempt. +6 bloodhound fang and +10 Tiche did it with ma boy Alexander. Come on guys I know you can do it!
By Anonymous
So you basically cheated by using a summon and an overpowered spirit ash. Try beating him solo next time for a real challenge.
By Anonymous
Absolutely nothing wrong with playing the game the way it's intended to be played. Spirit ashes and summons are an intended game mechanic; denying them merely for "challenge" is wrong. Play it differently if you want, but don't talk down people who want to do it the intended way.
By Anonymous
Imagine thinking using something the game gives you normally (i.e. not glitches, exploits, etc.) is cheating. Someone lied to you, bro. Use what you got or you're just crippling yourself to prove a point to no one.
By Anonymous
died 51 times before reading this thanks :]
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