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By Anonymous
"Elden Ring doesn't have difficulty sliders"
By Anonymous
Thematically, I think this skill should work with daggers. From a balance standpoint, the pure cancer of someone ripping into me with two Seppuku buffed daggers makes me vibrate with annoyance. XD
By Anonymous
I was dueling with someone the other day and when he was close to dying he pulled out a longsword with this ash and just killed himself lmao
By Anonymous
how does the Warrior Jar Shard affect this skill??
By Anonymous
the salt in these comments when it gets inevitably nerfed is going to be glorious
By Anonymous
How does the Warrior Jar Shard affect this? Does it just increase our attack power even more?
By Anonymous
mfs complain about moonveil when this atrocity still exists
By Anonymous
I am a Mimic. I use normal weapons like hammers, greataxes, stuff like that, but I'm ready to quick swap to a tryhard outfit if I see someone rushing at me with a tryhard build. Two days ago I was relaxing with the Taunter's Tongue, a Omen Cleaver and a torch, and someone with St. Trina's swords invaded me. I was like "cool, I wanted to play them a bit" so I took the St. Trina swords too; when he saw he couldn’t kill me, he fled and took his Antspur rapier with Seppuku. Coincidence, I also have this rapier with Seppuku in my inventory! So I copied him, and when I killed him he rage quitted lol. I wasn’t even going to BM him..
By Anonymous
Game is starting to get into a good state but this, quick step, and scavengers curved sword need a massive nerf right now. As well as blood exaltation should no longer proc from seppuku. Remove ability to infuse scavengers, revert quick step start up speed and heavily reduce the iframes.
Remove the ARC scaling from this, increase the damage it does to you and increase the cost.

There's no reason why this should have ARC scaling when bloodflame blade doesn't, please please from you've done such a good job listening to the fanbase so far.
By Anonymous
My latest invention, the Make-any-weapon-god-tier-inator!
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