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By Anonymous
any idea of where to find this?
By Anonymous
Where can I find this?
By Anonymous
Where is it
By Anonymous
Anyone know where to find this thing?
By Anonymous
It can be found in the Mountaintops Of The Giants region which is after you take the Grand Lift of Rold, on the frozen lake (close the waypoint actually called Frozen Lake). It is dropped by one of those invisible rolling balls. You have to chase it and kill it.
By Anonymous
The waypoint is called "Freezing Lake", not "Frozen Lake". Thanks. Found it on the lake as you described.
By Anonymous
I must know where this is
By Anonymous
Location: On the frozen lake next to the "Freezing Lake" waypoint
By Anonymous
While you wasted your time chasing maidens I studied the blade...
By Anonymous
Yes. Plunging the blade into my chest puts it in the perfect position for a closer inspection.
By Anonymous
It's probably somewhere in the Land of Reeds
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