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By Anonymous
Can someone edit that warcry’s buff last for 20 seconds
By Anonymous
Does anyone know how much of a buff it does?
By TasRook
It increases the dmg by about 10% for 20 sec. Super trash.
By Anonymous
War cry in tras weapon change a good weapon with a good ash of war... You have a buff every 20 seconds for 16fp worth
By Anonymous
I feel like it makes you swing faster, do a little bit more damage and makes you do more poise damage. Some weapons have different attacks after you Warcry too. The Lordsworn Greatsword's heavy turns into a charge forward if you hold it after useing warcry
By Anonymous
Please note it over writes grease effects.
By Anonymous
Also noticed that War Cry removes buffs like Bloodflame Blade on the weapon once you cast it.
By Anonymous
Yup, came here to post just that
By Anonymous
Testing with +25 Heavy Iron Greatsword and 60 Strength, this buffs heavy attacks by 27% and charged heavy attacks by 35%. Wearing the Roar Medallion talisman buffs these values to 46% and 57% respectively. All other damage is increased by 10%.

With this particular weapon, the heavy attack combo changes from a horizontal two-part sweep to a two-part vertical down-up that comes out with increased speed and improved hyperarmor (possibly buffed in 1.03?). The charged heavy attack becomes a small charge ending in a slash.

With the Axe Talisman, charged heavy attack damage is increased by a total of 72% over baseline, while Axe Talisman + Spiked Cracked Tear results in a 97% total buff.

Subjectively, this feels like a very strong skill. You get resistance to stagger while doing more stagger and poise damage yourself, all while effectively R2 spamming. Far from broken, but seems like a good option for Strength builds.
By Anonymous
The hyper armor can let you tank a colossal poke with 61 poise in PVP. No Bull-Goat Talisman used.
By Anonymous
Doesn't actually change heavy attacks to charging attacks, at least with colossal swords.
By Anonymous
Yes it does. Something is wrong with you
By Anonymous
It only changes fully-charged heavy attacks, and I believe only with the weapon bearing this Art/Ash. Just pressing R2 will still execute regular heavy attacks
By Anonymous
Pressing R2 changes your regular heavy attack - both moveset and damage are improved. R2 chain becomes very effective.
By Anonymous
it does NOT change regular heavy attacks into charge attacks!
By Anonymous
I have an off hand weapon with this art. In my main hand great stars great hammer with blood infusion. And In second main hand slot the dagger with 140 crit with knights vow ash of war. Axe talisman and the breath/ roar boosting talisman and the critical boost talisman.

Do the roar then charge heavy attack with great star doing bleed and poise breaking. Then I switch to my dagger, knights vow and hit the critical for 4K damage just with the dagger. Broken af.