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By Anonymous
You are able to just run past him and collect the pustule
By Anonymous
Does this really raise Vitality? I don't see any effect at all...
By Anonymous
Yes, it raises vitality not vigor. Vitality increases instant death resistance. Vigor increases health.
By Anonymous
You don't need to fight the gaurdian, just run past him, you will die but you can easily get the item before it catches up.
By Anonymous
You don't have to die, there's a ladder that leads out the boss room right near the item.
By Anonymous
Root guardian drops a golden seed if beaten.
By Anonymous
What the heck does resistance to death mean? If I die and I have it equipped does it get used up and I dont lose ruins? What does it do exactly.
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By Slayer_
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Vitality does not give you HP in Elden Ring, Vigor is what gives you HP. Vitality is a Resistance type stat that gives you protection against instant Death status effects (like Curse in DS3). So this talisman will boost your resistance against death. Check the Vitality section here or in game.
By Anonymous
It increases Vitality, which is a stat that has death resistance (not sure where it happens yet, but it seems like a build-up thing like Poison etc.)
By Anonymous
Death/curse in the souls series is a ailment that builds up causing death.
By Anonymous
To answer the ���used up talisman��� question. In Elden Ring talismans are just like rings in the rest of the DS series. They last as long as you have them equipped.
By Anonymous
Not only did I run past him to the giant face, he didn't follow me.
By Anonymous
hint: bloodstain
By Anonymous
Is the effect permanent?
By Anonymous
ah yes, good old squidface, because bloodborne left it's lovecraft-shaped mark on FROM. also, for those wondering, vitality doesn't raise your health, it raises your resistance to deathblight build up. which you can see the effects of on poor rodgiere by touching that bloodstain nearby.
By Anonymous
Can anyone tell where I can see the effect of talisman ? what is different when I have the talisman on ? I see nobody told yet here, the game (nothing new) does not explain or show at all, THNX
By Anonymous
You'll know by now, but if you really wanna see the stat change yourself, make sure to flip through your tabs with "Y/Triangle", when you're on the equip screen.

You'll see the vitality stat change there.