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By Anonymous
Bruh where even is this guy
By Anonymous
Roundable Hold is like 5 rooms, how can you not find him?
By Anonymous
He's neat and all, but no one will ever be able to replace Andre The Smith.
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By DanniSap
He's not meant to replace Andre. Clearly, both granddaddies will be at our soccer games, cheering.

The fact that they're both complimentary to your emotional well-being is so obviously intended!
By Anonymous
I found Hewg much more interesting than Andre. Andre was clearly a kind soul, no doubt about that, but he's missing the depth and investment Hewg has in your development and success. Hewg also seems more genuine. Just my thoughts though, I'm no lore expert.
By Anonymous
I believe if you visit him after helping Blaidd, he has special dialogue, though I kinda skimmed past it fast, so not sure if thats actually what it was.
By Anonymous
voice actor sounds familiar
By Anonymous
Same voice as Blacksmith Vamos from Dark Souls 1.
By Anonymous
he forgets his memories after killing malekith
By Anonymous
Looks like a demi-human but with better teeth, at least the ones in his mouth
By Anonymous
He's a misbegotten
By Anonymous
Anyone have the dialog for his prayer? I went to the spirit tuner right as it started and it got cut off
By Anonymous
anybody know what he says after saying “no no no”? his dialogue got cut off when i went to upgrade my spirits. i just got back from the 1st grace site in the capital when this happened
By Anonymous
The EXACT same thing just happened to me, wish put the trigger for the dialogue a little further along.
By Anonymous
He said something like he needs to build a better weapon, something that can kill a god. No option to follow up on it...
By Anonymous
He said he needed to "Smith a weapon capable of killing a god!"
By Anonymous
Ayoo, what? This literally happened to me just now
By Anonymous
Can we get the dialogue for his prayer?
By Anonymous
yes please! came here for this, I interrupted it by talking to Roderika
By Anonymous
"Your Divinity, have mercy, and grant me forgiveness. The road is yet long. A god is not easily felled. But one day, without fail, you will have your wish. So please grant me forgiveness, Queen Marika..." - Smithing Master Hewg
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