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By Anonymous
As a pure str user...after going the entire game using ruins and a few infused weapons I was praying that there was a remembrance weapon for me somewhere. The Radahn weapons were good but they didn't come close to scratching the same itch Yhorm and Dragonslayer Armor souls did.

I saw this guy....I got my hopes up...I saw the axe and thought "this is what I've been waiting for...this is it."

Upgraded it, ****ed with it for like 30 minutes in Haligtree, and then went back to ruins....biggest disappointment in the game.

They did pure str dirty as **** this game.
By Anonymous
Try the Golem's halberd, Watchdog's staff, Prelates Inferno or the Giant Crusher. They're the best Strength collosal weapons imo.
By Anonymous
"Half the axe, half the proper scaling" -dev team, probably
By Anonymous
I absolutely love this weapon, but that doesn't change on how horribly it's balanced. It's very hard to hit enemies with it - which is alright - but when you actually do, this should absolutely wreck. And A from STR and that's a minimum. No need for that dex scaling at all. Come on, it's the weapon choice of freakin Godfrey of all people, you know, the badass barbarian who destroyed giants in a war and carried a big-a** lion on his back. I get that the weapon is broken, but it still just feels underpowered for its legacy.
If the barbarians DLC is true, I hope there'll be a way to fix the greataxe (mending it with another weapon like Twin Princes sword in DS3), unlocking its full potential.
By Rexis102
One of the most poorly balanced weapons in this game. Crap damage with any scaling, you’re guaranteed to get out-damaged by a katana. From failed to appropriately scale this weapon
By Anonymous
This is the Great Lord Greatsword of colossal weapons
By Anonymous
it only has c scaling in strength cause godfrey already had 300 str
By Anonymous
He has no softcap, either.
By Anonymous
How the most end game collosal Axe does not get an A or S in Strength is beyond me
By Anonymous
How most colossal weapons don't get at least B scaling in at least 1 stat is beyond me.
By Anonymous
funny orc cosplay with big axe and funny rock haha
By Anonymous
the souped up heavies go hard asf
By Anonymous
When they hit, sure…
By Anonymous
I hate it when they make a unique weapon's ash of war grant it a unique moveset instead of just giving it a unique moveset.
By Anonymous
Then this would probably have warcry aow and you'd be complaining about that then.
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