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By Anonymous
Since the seal is formless does that make it a tattoo on your hands
By Anonymous
If it was a tattoo it wouldn't be formless
By Anonymous
Its made of light
By Anonymous
Soft cap for this is 45 int/45 fai. If anyone wants to add this above.
By Anonymous
if you want to mix spells and incantations with magic properties on a INT build, this seal is the perfect choice.
By Anonymous
Comparing this to the Erdtree seal and 80 faith is kind of missing the point.

Comparing this seal to the Erdtree seal at 80 faith is kind of missing the point.

This seal outclasses other seals upto the 45 faith softcap even with the minimum 17 intelligence investment.
By Anonymous
it literally does not where are u getting this info. erdtree and most of the other ones outperform on pure faith up until level 170+
By Anonymous
lol, at 45FTH/17INT it's only slightly behind Godslayer's Seal in terms of weapon buffs/healing and is slightly higher on offensive incant scaling, combined with the fact it upgrades with Somber Stones which are much easier to find early game makes it the best general purpose seal, Erdtree only outclasses other seals when you hit 70 FTH
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By ConstellarDiamond
I want to use Golden Order incantations, would I do more damage with them if I had INT at the minimum of 31 and 60 faith? Or what it be better to keep INT and Faith at the same number?
By Anonymous
having both at 45 should be ideal
By Anonymous
45 is the soft cap for each stat spell scaling. 50 is the weapon element dmg soft cap. 40/50, 50/40, 45/45, or even 40/40 using physics or talismans
By Anonymous
Soft caps at 45/45 with 338 Spell buff, after that it only gains less than 1 spell buff per point.
By Anonymous
People say this seal is only strong for overleveled INT/FTH builds but I think people are missing its spot as an amazing seal for higher INT/lower FTH builds, if you're a pure caster sorcerer who wants to give up some sorcery scaling for the added utility of incantations that scale off your INT. You can get 52 INT and 32 FTH at level 150 without giving up 60 vigor, giving you Azur's glintstone staff + added utility of Sacred Oath, Wrath of Gold, Barrier of Gold, all the Golden Order spells, all of the bestial incantations, most of the lightning spells, most of the healing spells etc. etc. all scaling at 316 incant scaling, which is on par with +10 erdtree seal at 70 FTH on a pure faith build(just accept that healing wont be as strong because that scales on faith only for some reason).

So in essence, your incants are as strong as a 70 FTH PURE FAITH build but with less than HALF the FTH investment and you get access to every sorcery up to 52 INT(which is almost all of them) + Azur staff cast speed bonus(WHICH AFFECTS INCANTS IN YOUR OTHER HAND TOO!). Sure you can get the Azur staff bonus even if you can't use the staff but being able to use it is even better because it's an amazing staff in its own right! The downside is your sorceries aren't quite as strong as a pure INT build, and you don't get to use spells above your requirements you really need comet azur, rennala's moon, or elden stars? Some of those higher req spells are good at melting bosses in niche scenarios, but this build gives you so much versatility and incant power in return, as well as a reason to use ALL 10 memory slots all the time(and sometimes even the nokstella charm!)
By Anonymous
I'm gonna be making a 'Rock Fundamentalist' build that uses Cragblade AoW, sorceries like Rock Blaster and Meteorite, and Bestial Incants like Stone of Gurranq- focusing on huge posture damage as a mage build
By Anonymous
This is the way. It’s also totally doable at 125 as well.
By Anonymous
Only downside is that weapon buffs and heals only count the faith-portion of the seal's incantation scaling
By Anonymous
can anyone explain what the wiki means by "only applies the faith scaling for weapon buffs and healing"
By Anonymous
This seal's incant value is increased by both faith and intelligence. So the final number you see is a combination of both. However, when you use weapon buffs like Order's Blade (or any healing incantation), only the faith portion of the incant scaling will be considered in the final output. Since the game only shows the combination of both, you won't really know how much you get until you actually test it.
By Evarika
For weapon buffs and healing spells, it only applies the base incantation scaling with the modifiers provided to it by the character's faith stat.
By Anonymous
When you cast a buff or heal through this Seal, you only get the scaling from your Faith investment, instead of Faith + Int like everything else cast through the seal. The DCS works the same way. So both the DCS and Golden Order Seal have the highest Incant scaling even over the Erdtree Seal at higher levels, but the Erdtree Seal will always be better for buffs and healing unless you have the same amount of Faith (IE 80).
By Anonymous
thought it would cast sorceries as well, like that one is DS3--also Radagon was into an INT woman, then became a FAITH woman, so there's that...
By Anonymous
int/faith hybrid really got shafted in elden ring. it was my favourite build in ds3 :(
By Anonymous
I'm seeing something I don't understand when I look at this seal in my inventory, under the scaling Its showing much less than any of the other seals I've got. I've upgraded this to +16 but seals that I haven't put any upgrades into at all are showing much higher incant scaling than this does. What I don't understand is if this really does have the scaling it is showing in my inventory, it wouldn't be doing the damage it is with fire and frenzy flame or any of the other offensive incantations. Its making my head hurt thinking about it.
By Anonymous
you may not have the INT required for this Seal, but according to other posts the incantations work fine without the INT which is why you aren't understanding the numbers
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