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By Anonymous
His door is locked for some reason, anyone have the same issue?
By Anonymous
It opens again after a while and he will have more to say
By Anonymous
You have to talk to the two fingers then it unlocks again
By Anonymous
The door to his room in the library is now locked after godrick? where do I go next?
By Anonymous
After defeating Godrick- spawn into the table area. There should be a room that had a closed door directly connected to this room with the table. Now it should be opened. Go there to see about being greeted by the two fingers. After you've done that, you'll be able to enter the library room and talk to him.
By Anonymous
you have to talk to the finger maiden next to the hand
By Anonymous
Where is this guy? Feel like I've looked through the entire hall and I can't find him. Even killed the NPC invader
By kubhfbebr
You'll first need to defeat one of the demigods. The easiest is Godrick, lord of Stormveil Castle. Afterwards, explore the Roundtable Hold a bit more, and his door will open soon after.
By Rathial
I was able to access him before killing a demigod I did however kill margit as my first boss that might have been what made him appear?
By Anonymous
What makes his door open or close randomly?
By Anonymous
Son of a ***** locked me out
By Anonymous
I've beaten godrick Margit and renalla and he's never showed up for me from the moment the door opened
By Anonymous
Seriously? He's never there crouched over his books?
By Anonymous
I am the yeast of thoughts and mind
By Anonymous
The wiki says that he says "Well. I see you've found another Great Rune. Wonderful. You are a worthy fellow Tarnished, indeed.
Make the journey. To the capital Leyndell, that lies to the east of the Altus Plateau, at the foot of the Erdtree.
The Two Fingers will deny your passage no longer. You may be our best hope. Find your way to the Elden Ring.
For we are Tarnished. And we must answer the call of grace." after beating Rennala, but I beat Radhan first, and before fighting Rennala I talked to Gideon, and he gave that line anyways, I assume you get that line simply after getting your second great rune.
By Anonymous
everyone stuck with the locked door: you must talk to the old lady in the room with a giant hand next to the roundtable for his door to open
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