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By 10thEngine
Death's Poker+8 & Mimic until death. Took me over 20 deaths to realize i could use the broke pillars. Sometimes. R1 the edge, linger, run. R1 another edge, linger, run. Hop on a broke post and let Fatty McSteamroller look the utter fool.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I will go mad fighting this boss
By Anonymous
literally the worst boss design ever
By Anonymous
Horrible boss, too op and needs a nerf asap.
By Anonymous
I am the first comment here HA HA
By Anonymous
And I thought fire giant was bad
By Anonymous
I have 1500 hp and 720 AR unbuffed and I am still struggling. I have hundreds of hours into the souls series and I am not a pleb. I literally just alt + F4d after getting them both to 1 hp and dying to the fat one rolling me into a corner and then getting stuck, which results in instant death.
By Anonymous
Worst ****ing fight they ever designed tbh. Wasted 3 hours in full pain killing this trash
By Anonymous
i ****ing hate it
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