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By Anonymous
A fantastic and underrated spell in pve. Has a surprising amount of utility. Great for hitting enemies through walls, clearing groups (including annoying boss fights like the triple crystallians), and supplemental damage on large slow-moving enemies while you fire off your main damage spells. This spell single-handedly beat that stupid invisible assassin boss for me. Its ineffective vs fast enemies and risky in cramped quarters. The flat damage (about 1600 hp total) falls off in later NG cycles. Fp to damage ratio can either be great or a complete waste, just depends on when and how you employ the spell. Overall a good pick for a spell slot, especially for a first playthrough. After using it for a while, im finding it hard to replace.
By Anonymous
This seems to be doing MASSIVE damage to enemies with high resistances, like Crystallions and Miners. Could a NPC's resistance play a part in the damage this deals?
By Anonymous
This spell is fantastic for taking care of imps hiding around corners. Probably my new favorite sorcery.
By Anonymous
Very fun to use with meteor ore blade - using gravitas to pull into the mist
By Anonymous
Does this trigger the winged sword talisman?
By Anonymous
i like standing in this while also casting. area denial + power move
By GreySkale45
Note when charging the spell: you can free-aim higher up to send the mist ball in an arc, where it'll hold its shape for a few seconds before spreading out. Very useful for gaining some distance while covering a significant area.

Also, this is how I destroyed the Frenzy-Flaming Tower summoners on my min-HP character. Charge casting it up through the floor has a wide enough radius to hit all but one through the floor, which you'll have to deal with yourself.
By Anonymous
Works on crystallians without alarming them. Tested on the 3 that guard the rotten crystal sword in the haligtree.
Stand on the roots and cast it. It takes 4 casts to kill them.
By Anonymous
Is the damage increased by anything? Like staff of loss? Or is it flat damage?
By Anonymous
Tanks my fps, lol.
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