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By Anonymous
Can collide with black fire fireball in midair, destroying it. Discovered it on a Godskin Noble in that snakes castle and only tried there.
By Anonymous
Not sure of this has been pointed out but this can hit Rennala in her bubble in phase 1. You just have to pop the bubble once to deliver the final blow. Very useful for caster builds that struggle with her because of her magic resistance. It's also good in phase 2, just cast it at her and focus on dodging.
By Anonymous
This REALLY helped against the trio crystalian bosses until I finally had enough. Summoned Pumpkin Head in the middle, dropped a warming stone for him, and tossed the mist in the middle of the chaos while keeping my distance with BHS. Worked wonders.
By Anonymous
I've found a niche use for this in my taunters tongue playthrough. it is absolutely fantastic for zoning off chokepoints, like ladders or tunnels, giving yourself time to get to a grace or for a hunter to help
By Anonymous
its stacking infinitly, just saying
By Anonymous
With what?
By Anonymous
probably itself
By Anonymous
Not as good as Pestilent Mist(do to it's scaling with enemies) but still a very good spell.
By Anonymous
Also unlike pestilent mist and even poison mist in elden ring, enemies will react when taking damage from this. Gone are the days of stealth kills with pestilent mist
By MedianJoe
If you give this to your mimic tear ash, their mist does not damage you (unlike your own mist).
By Anonymous
Melts certain bosses
By Anonymous
So it does 1500 damage overall regardless of INT level? because I tried it on one of the so called lesser rune bears in deeproot depths, they seem to have a massive health pool because this hardly made a dent in it. That wasn't because I only have 17 INT then?
By Anonymous
about 1500 regardless. doesnt matter if you have the base requirements or 99 intelligence with the best staff. 1500
By Anonymous
the damage it does can not be increased, so its very strong when you get it and the further you progress the less useful it will be. thats not to say it becomes useless though. once it stops being able to evaporate bosses you can still use it to great effect when you get swarmed by lesser enemies. cast at your feet and run to the edge of the cloud
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