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By Anonymous
She is using the same *skeleton* as the other dragons, not necessarily the same model.
By Anonymous
There are six smaller dragons:one directly under left wing,one slightly further,three directly near the maw and another one near right wing;killing 5 in any order kills the boss and the remaining one.
By Anonymous
Imagine being the mother of an entire generation of dragons, being feared by all, only for you to be disabled by an incurable disease and used as an early game rune station by some asshat Tarnished with a bleed weapon.
By Anonymous
Fast way to kill her early game is to use a morning star with Wild Strikes applied, and buff it with blood grease for extra blood loss buildup. You'll want to head to Fort Haight for the Dectus half anyways, so you may as well craft some blood grease along the way. Swap all your flasks over to blues and spam wild strikes until dead. You'll need ~4 greases throughout the process if you want full uptime on the blood loss buff, so make sure to grab sufficient resin and Bloodflowers
By Anonymous
why are people disliking lol this is good tips
By Anonymous
Me and a friend walked up to this boss during co op, saw the grace and went to go activate it. Upon doing so the boss just died instantly for no reason.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know what the fastest way to kill Greyoll is? With my current build, I have the minimum required stats to wield the Godskin Peeler with Black Flame Tornado, the Carian Filigreed Crest, Green Turtle Talismans, and enough stats to use Rotten Breath. With that set up, I can use BFT 7 times and each use does around 11,000 points of damage (the GP is unupgraded) and then I finish it off with Rotten Breath for the proc and go back to the site of grace to wait for the trigger that way I can do the respawn glitch. So, is there a faster way or is this kind of the best case scenario?
By Anonymous
You can kill it very early on as long as you have a bleed weapon. I kept beating her for about 5 minutes with the lowest of arcane and still killed her.
By Anonymous
The absolute fastest way to killer is deaths poker + fires deadly sin. ghostflame igniton procs frost extremely quick, way faster than any bleed weopon as far as i know, and fires deadly sin will constantly reset frostbite so youll be gettin frost procs about every few seconds.
By Anonymous
Absolute fastest way to kill her is Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike with every possible buff and 99 faith. Kill in about 6-8 seconds. If you stand in the right spot essentially every single bolt will hit because she's the size of a mountain. I would assume its possible to one shot her with this spell with every possible buff in the game stacked, so if you start the timer when she first takes damage it might be like a 2 second kill.
By Anonymous
rush back to the grace (ON TORRENT) if you want it to respawn after killing it.. won't get the dragon hearts but you'll have another chance to kill it :)
By Anonymous
there iss a bug that hhappened to me in abandoned cave that if you wait long enough, Greyoll will die by it's own
By Anonymous
why he didnt spawn for mec, even thought i didnt kill him ?
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