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By Anonymous
I stumbled upon this pretty early since I was stuck on Margit. Blood is effective since it takes off a percentage of health, otherwise you’ll be hacking away for a very long time.
By Anonymous
My brother had bleed items but not the stats for them. He had to hack away for an entire hour.
By Anonymous
Use bleeding weapons at the tail to slowly kill it.
By Anonymous
Bleed him to death on his tail.
By Anonymous
Use bleed to deal massive damage to her incredibly large health pool.
By Anonymous
Killer her and did not unlock her dragon ability like the game said I did, must be something else to get them.
By Anonymous
same here, maybe its something that your supposed to get when you kill all the dragons or something, idk
By Anonymous
just checked and you need to go to the church of dragon communion, theres a headless bust there that you interact with acording to google
By Anonymous
You unlocked his skill at the cathedral of dragon comunion, not the church
By Anonymous
gotta go to the dragon altar thing to unlock it, i think
By Anonymous
You unlock it on the dragon communion via dragon hearts, is not given directly
By Anonymous
I smacked this thing like an idiot with a sword that deals 200 damage for like 20+ minutes. Wish i read the wiki before for the bleed tip :))
By Anonymous
Next run I'm grabbing a bleed weapon with no stats to bleed, and wacking this 70,000k rune dragon on it's sleeping tail. Good farm quick level. Just have to get bleed weapon, the horse, then travel to him. wack in back. Easier than dancer ds3 for sure.
By Anonymous
This boss is a very effective way to farm runes (~70 000) with repetitive invocation and using bleed damage. Take less than 2min with 3 players.
By Anonymous
Is he apart of a quest later on?
By Anonymous
did you ever find out?
By Anonymous
Yes, you are screwing yourself out of a quest that gives you some of the best rewards in the game.
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