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By Anonymous
there are 8 in total so far:
1 in limgrave
1 in weeping peninsula
1 in caelid
2 in liurnia near the academy
1 in altus plateau
1 in mountaintop of the giant
1 in snowfields
By Anonymous
y'know what? For a spell and weapons I'm never going to use... yeah not bothering.
By Anonymous
somehow, these Tweety looking mfs makes the Foreskin duo look like mere foot soldiers
By Anonymous
This and the death birds are the only bosses nearly everybody hates but in all honesty, the fight lorewise is amazing and it’s something that’s fun to hate.
By Anonymous
By Avivelevovi
You can get the one at Apostate Derelict quite easily by triggering it to spawn, and then hopping onto Torrent and running back up the mountain towards the Site of Grace. Wait a bit until it de-aggros, stealth back to the edge, and keep throwing holy water pots on him. Surprisingly simple to do for the big reward.
By Anonymous
This ****ers grab attack in the Snowfields deals like, 95% of your health even with a Rune Arc before Frostbite, afterwords you are screwed. And that’s not the worst part. The worst part is the ****er animation cancels out of his flight to frame one dash over and grab you. You don’t even get a microsecond to react and dodge because he’s already got you in his claws. And don’t bother mashing, you literally can’t do anything about it. For the love of Mila this boss is an absolute mess.
By Anonymous
Totally not overloaded moveset with totally not 0.3 sec wind-up attacks and insane tracking/range.
What a ****
By Anonymous
Was really struggling with the apostate derelict one.

Accidentally cheesed him by spamming discus of light at the entrance to the area. It just walks sided to side just at the edge of its range.
By Anonymous
my favorite move from this boss is that one spear move that has indicators for the first like 3 spears, and then praying you dodge the rest.
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