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By Anonymous
For some reason the weapon art doesn't seem to any damages to bosses sometimes. I can cast it three or four times and do no damage to a boss. When drop the bosses health some with physical damage, then the weapon art works.
By Anonymous
Tried this out on my hard Dex soft Int (up to 40) build, got it up to +10 and took on Commander Niall.

It...wasn't very good. Despite scaling in three stats it only really benefits from Dex, the total AR doesn't add up to much and there's not much to say about it's moveset. It's a spear, it pokes slashes with the heavies.

That would be fine if the Skill wasn't so inconsistent. The total AoE is huge, but against a single target many will miss. Damage ranged between 300 and 700 against Niall. Against a larger target like the dragons or Elden Beast maybe it'll be more consistent but I consider Niall to be 'large'. I'm unsure what the Skill scaling is based on: I have 50 Dex and 34 Int w/o a great rune or stat boosts at the time of typing this.

Overall, just find it...meh. The fact it doesn't apply Cold is even more baffling, seeing how that's a theme with the Death Rite Birds. There's more effective and more interesting options. It does look neat, though!
By Anonymous
Agreed. I think each spectral spear should "burn" (cold damage via ghostflame) the enemy with each one that makes contact, and leave a single ghostflame... flame... that lingers on the ground for each one that misses, similar to the lingering ghostflame from Death's Poker's LT -> RB attack. It would actually be balanced and consistent.
By Anonymous
Ash of War breaks poise quickly, does decent damage and you look extremely cool while doing so.
By Anonymous
It's not a great melee weapon, and the weapon art is only okay compared to a lot of other uniques. But regardless of whether you kill or get killed, you'll always be more stylish than your enemy.

And that means you're the real winner.
By Anonymous
Oh, mistress of sweet release. Grant those cursed to life freedom of their mortal coil, that they may finally find peace in slumber they not yet know they seek.
By Anonymous
it really sucks that this and the death sorceries need very different builds so you can't really use them together
By Anonymous
The ashes/damage/scaling make up for “wasted faith investment.” The spell added fits death paladin (melee focused, punishing passive play styles ) better than pure sorcerer anyways.
By Anonymous
I've had great results with the AoW when you would cast it from the high ground. I'm wondering if there's something about the tracking that gets affected in that situation.
Though it would make sense given the death rite birds do fly up when doing this move.
By Anonymous
There are a good few incantations that don't work too well if the caster is on a different elevation to the target. And they are supposedly some of the most powerful late game incantations but you can't trust they are going to work properly when you most need them.
By Anonymous
Facing away from the opponent while not locked on and the locking on during the weapon art's cast will cause the spears to fall directly in front of you.
By Anonymous
Yooooo deadass the most useful thing ive read on fextra life in years
By Anonymous
time for divine dragon cosplay
By DTPandemonium
This weapon's AoW in invasions can be nasty. You can even use walls to cast it closer than max range without lock on and in tight rooms they cant get out.
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