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By Anonymous
pretty good weapon for punishing people with long animation or immobile spells like elden stars and blackflame ritual
By Anonymous
Spellblade armor set (rogiers set) scales this AOW btw
By Anonymous
Is there a reason it doesn't scale with both int and faith like all the death bird spells.
By Anonymous
One could also ask that why it shouldn't scale with int only like all the other ghostflame-themed weapons?
By Anonymous
From was too lazy or too rushed to flesh out scaling for this game
By Anonymous
scaling in this game sucks, most are out of theme and for somewhat an RPG itd ytuly horrendous
By Anonymous
I know it’s not the same, but for all of you who need copium waiting for this on a run in the mountaintops, clayman’s harpoon and AOW Ice spear exist. Then by the time you get death ritual spear you’ll have a nice pair for powerstancing. Cold/magic Clayman’s and ice spear SLAP on pve. You can occasionally catch people turning corners in pvp as well. Just note the sound of the AOW as a good opponent will hear. Just note that the scaling leans to STR and death ritual leans dex. Shouldn’t matter if you’re running magic on Clayman’s tho.
By Anonymous
Shame it's not an early game item so you can do a play through with it, otherwise you have to do NG+ to start with it.
By Anonymous
Technically you only need to kill 3 remembrance bosses to get to this and leaves a ton of areas and bosses to still play it with.
By Anonymous
Except you'll either have to beat at least one of those bosses, their areas (which adds up at least 2 more mandatory bosses, 3-4 if you're not masochistic enough to go for Mohg or Radahn that early) AND the one that drops the weapon very underleveled, or grind a lot to fix that and end up significantly overleveled for the areas you left behind.
By Anonymous
Fun to use on my INT build to call in airstrikes on gankers
By Anonymous
This is THE most inconsistent weapon skill in the game, it will either hit for 2000+ damage easily on even smaller targets(like regular soldiers) or deal like 400 to a God damn dragon. I can't even tell why, when it lands, it lands and deals good damage, but it can decide not to for... some reason.
By Anonymous
If im correct, it has a limit on maximum number of spears that can deal dmg to a single target, so even if you hit all the spears on a massive target, you wont get the full dmg
By Anonymous
Disregard the nutty basement-dwelling chud who commented spazoid stuff over 20 different times on April 5.
By Anonymous
I'm guessing the comments were deleted. What'd I miss?
By Anonymous
People who use the word chud love to get their poop chutes gaped by trannies.
By Anonymous
June 9th anon I do that regularly and I’ve never used the word chud in my life
By Anonymous
the only thing keeping this from being top tier op is no hyperarmor
By Anonymous
Someone real butthurt went through 05 Apr 2023 02:51 and commented on everything lol
By Anonymous
Did they get deleted? I'm only seeing 3 comments made on the April 5th, 1 of which isn't a reply, and the other 2 are from 2022
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