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By Anonymous
anyone have any ideas where this is?
By Anonymous
If i had to guess its east to the "Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank" in Caelid (Time: Nightfall). A Boss with "Death Bird" in its name. Couldnt beat it.
By Anonymous
due east of hermet merchant's shack, must be night time
By Anonymous
i killed the one there and it didn't drop the spear. It dropped a great sword called "Death's Poker" instead
By Anonymous
drops from the one in the snowy area below castle sol
By Anonymous
It's in the north. You have to kill a different Death Bird in the mountainous region. It's in a graveyard, can't miss it.
By Anonymous
says it drops from death rite bird. There's a death rite bird that spawns near Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank at nightfall. It's a little between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock from the grace.
By Anonymous
That one drops a greatsword. Not the spear
By Anonymous
That one doesn't drop this spear; it drops a greatsword called Death's Poker instead.

Sucks since I was really looking forward to the spear
By Anonymous
The death bird boss in the mountaintops of the giants drops this
By Anonymous
This drops from the Death Rite Bird in the Mountaintop of the Giants. Basically due west from the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook Grace
By Anonymous
It drops from the Death Rite Bird boss on the way to Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants
By Anonymous
Seems to be shaped after a seven-branched sword, like the Sohayamaru in Nioh 2
By Anonymous
Seems to be shaped after a seven-branched sword, like the Sohayamaru in Nioh 2
By Anonymous
7 the branch sword is a real sword, it is believed that it wasnt used for combat
By Anonymous
Does the weapon art scale with int?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
From what I can tell, its skill only seems to scale with int and weapon level (gets magic damage bonuses too).
By miori
I really wanted this to work because I liked the weapon art, which shoots awesome looking spears from the sky on your target, but after investing +9 I sadly state that this weapon is not very good.
It has B scaling in DEX so i will call it a DEX weapon but even with a good amount of DEX It's weapon art will only do 1200-1600 damage per cast (which is a pretty long cast) even against very big bosses.
Adding to the lists of cons slow spear moveset and below average damage from normal attacks I suggest to stay away from this. Big sadge
By Anonymous
Weapon arts usually scale off of INT or FTH, the weapon damage itself through melee attacks will scale with DEX though
By Anonymous
What's your INT? Weapon art melts bosses for me.
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