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By MrOnewing
Fixed the section where it said it could be infused with ashes of war or buffed with magic to reflect the fact that it can't.
By Anonymous
i just wish the shield bash on this dealt good damage
By Anonymous
Your bashing with electricity don't forget that. Plus it has good lightning defense.
By Anonymous
650 damage (incl. lightning) on the shield bash at +9. this thing is fun.
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By AimzSlightlyOff
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The fact that this sheild's AOW can't be modified sadly made it pointless in my playthrough. I was so stoked to use this it too.
By Anonymous
It's very disappointing that they didn't give this the lightning strike skill that the boss uses with it. This thing only has two specific niches: It's a lightning damage weapon that scales mainly with strength, and it has the second best lightning defense of greatshields (best per weight, since it's not even half as heavy as the fingerprint greatshield).
By Anonymous
And for extra niche, it does bonus damage to dragons. I don't know what scenario that is useful, but its there.
By Anonymous
The shield bash includes lightning damage. Plus it has relatively good lightning defense compared to other shields with same weight.
By Anonymous
This thing hits almost as good as a straight sword while blocking.

I'm looking to pair it up with another thonder weapon, but for now I use the Great Turtle Shell in my main hand because it has a pasdive to restore stamina faster, & the greatshield talisman which can turn you into a very hefty tank.

I believe this has the strongest shield bash in the game, even if an ash of war pushes another further your going to lose that 100% physical protection.
By Anonymous
Adding an Ash doesn't lose the 100% physical as long as you're keeping it Keen, Quality, Heavy, or Standard.

Adding a another damage type, status, or further increasing it's lightning damage will set it to 95% physical and fluctuate the elemental defenses according to the damage your adding.

This is also true for weapons by the way for all your panic colossal block needs.
By Anonymous
rip greatshield talisman though.
By Anonymous
If only you could power stances these and do jabs. Fromsoft you missed the mark here.
By Anonymous
Should become a claw type weapon when powerstanced.
By Anonymous
I understand at got a lightning hitting greatshield you could main as a weapon here. I still really wish it could be infused, it fits prefect with my character, but can't use it without ash.
By Anonymous
Really wish this didn't have the AOW so I could pair it with Dragon King Craigblade or Bolt of Gransax
By Anonymous
Can't you give it the "no skill" ash of war?
By Anonymous
sadly no, jun 6 anon. This is a somber weapon and can't have ashes applied to it