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By Anonymous
I wonder if it's meant to be implied that dragon barrow was connected to Farum Azula before everything went to ****.
By Anonymous
i went here to get the 2nd half of the dectus medallion, got one shot by an ordinary bat on the way, then hit the elderdragon's tail for 2 minutes and killed the putrid avatar by kiting it with blackflame spells and gained like 10 levels worth of runes on the way out.
By Anonymous
this area so tough that not even gargoyle seals are safe
By Anonymous
I hate the Bell Bearing Hunter at Isolated Merchant's Shack.
Not only he has a ridiculous and pointless amount of Dmg and HP, he also is covered by this godamn red-eyed doggo -.-
From Software really was like "Let's make this boss as awful and unfair as possible."