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By Anonymous
waiting for the day fromsoft stops patching consecrated snowfield/commander niall skips and fixes this instead
By chillypheese
This and the Greathorn Hammer not having magic damage when Frost infused.
By Anonymous
Everyone complaining about the frost infusion bug, meanwhile I'm here thinking the fact it is infusable at all is the real bug, it's the only unique named weapon with innate status buildup that isn't a Somber Stone upgrade and non-infusable
By Anonymous
Most likely isn't a bug. Since the code for having a weapon be infusable, requires data entries for each specific infusion.

So we can see in the code weapons that are not intended to be infusable simply have just the single data entry, while weapons that are infusable have 13 entries covering each variant.

Meaning that it's hard to bug out and have 12 additional data entries with filled in stats (Like, scaling and auxillery effects which are weapon specific values)

P.s. Uchikatana, Nagakiba, Raptor Talons, Venomous Fang, Bloodhound Claws, Hookclaws, Hoslow's Petal Whip, Great Stars, Nightrider Flail, Great Omenkiller Cleaver, Wakizashi, Scavenger's Curved Sword, Cross Naginata, Scythe, Star Fist, Spiked Caestus and Flamberge are all unique weapons with innate status build ups that use regular Smithing Stones and can be infused.
By Anonymous
Commonly used by low-level Limgrave invaders. Usually dual-wielded with Seppuku. Kinda mean, but I get it.
By Anonymous
infused the thing with bleed and powerstanced with a frost rapier, killed malenia in like 40 seconds, it's so scummy and I love it
By Anonymous
something weird about the cold infusion bug is that at +5 or below, cold results in an INCREASE in rot buildup, rather than a decrease like all other affinities that add a status. you will need damn near 40 vig to avoid being rotted by a dual wield attack, making this an even more busted twink weapon
By Anonymous
One of the best PvE weapons in the game.

Excellent for Painbow builds. As a Blood Infused Antspur Rapier with Poison Mist or Poison Infused Antspur Rapier with Seppuku can proc 3 status effects.

Throw on an off-hand Cold Infused Rapier/Estoc and apply a 4th status too.

Very few bosses can put up any resistance to being Poisoned + Rotted + Bled + Frozen.

This ability to apply statuses, plus the fast and low stamina powerstance moveset gives it great synergy with Winged Sword Insignia/Millicent's Prosthesis and Rot/Blood Exaltations for when you want bosses to just melt.
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