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By Anonymous
Surprisingly beautiful weapon despite passively causing the most dangerous status in the game.
Does anyone happen to know if there are any Ashes of War associated with Scarlet Rot?
By Anonymous
What does Scarlet Rot do? Is it just strong poison?
By Anonymous
I think there is no ashes of wars that givevs scarlet rod so that makes this weapon even more unique!
By Anonymous
I don't believe so but you could use a Poison Ash and double up on the status infliction!
By Anonymous
I haven't found extra scarlet rot, but you can give it poison affinity and repeating strikes, gives it an instant combo for both debuffs.
By Anonymous
Very strong poison, damage ticks way faster
By Anonymous
Scarlet rot is basically toxic from souls 3. Yes it's just a stronger poison basically. Poison is still kinda meh in Elden ring, but if you manage to proc both on a target they stack
By Anonymous
I ran through areas to get this at level 18. Invasions in the starting zone are, interesting... poke,poison, run. Host dead.
By Anonymous
sounds boring af
By Anonymous
you seem like a terrible person
By Anonymous
I'll never understand how that's fun for some people.
By Anonymous
This is my boss weapon now. Added ASH OF WAR: POISON MOTH FLIGHT to it. I am a shielder now, spending most of the time behind a Visage Shield, and I can poke with this beauty without lowering my shield, because this is Rapier! Also Scarlet Rot affects skeletons that are immune to poison. Rot + poison deals around 27 damage per second to a giant near beach in start area.
By Anonymous
I found that Rapiers, when given Blood infusion, have pretty decent blood loss effect (71) despite their fast attack speed, making it easy to proc.
And when both using Blood infusion this and normal Rapier seem to have the same stats except this one causes Scarlet Rot as well making it a better choice.

It's not amazing OP tier but giving it Blood infusion works quite well, especially when you don't have high DEX to benefit from scaling.
By Anonymous
So can it cause bleed and rot at the same time with blood slash ashses?
By Anonymous
Very good for PVP. Phantom hits can buildup rot.
By Anonymous
Phantom rolls can also make it a waste.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Any other weapons that inflict Scarlet Rot?
By glasscannon
1 knife in lake of rot .

we have rot gease to buff and 1 type of arrow have scarlet rot build up
By Anonymous
Scorpion's Sting
By Anonymous
Also the Rotten Greataxe and Rotten Warhammer
By Anonymous
Rotten Crystal Sword
By Anonymous
This weapon is quite insane. I did some testing with a poison and bleed infused version of this rapier on a fresh Lvl. 8 warrior character. I used Radagon's Soreseel to be able to use the weapon.

I was easily able to defeat Margit and Godrick 1st without leveling up my character or the weapons. I will do some more testing on other bosses.
By Anonymous
I did some more testing. I added a bleed version with Seppuku to my arsneal and things got crazy from here. I am now at the mountain top of the giants with Lvl. 8 warrior character and +0 weapons.

Radahn, Morgott and Godfrey were no problem at all. Especially, when utilizing a summon (I used Oleg)

Might try to go further, but the fire giant has too many attacks that just oneshot me and also it has too much HP.
By Anonymous
It's pretty easy to rush this at the beginning of the game once you get Torrent. If you ride Torrent into the poison swamp around the castle, she will not follow you and will just walk side to side without dodging, so you can just cheese her with any ranged attack.
By Anonymous
Beginning of the game? This is all the way in the Atlus plateau area, good luck to anyone who actually goes up here early game
By Anonymous
You can reach the altus plateau by defeating only one boss in the game the wyrm in Ruin-strewn precipice so its not impossible at all
By Anonymous
I got to the plateau rushing past bosses. Im pretty sure you dont need to kill a single thing.
By Anonymous
you don't even need to beat any boss, just grab the 2 medallion (just ran don't attack the enemy) and go to the lift, for the academy key you can sneak around the dragon boss and grab the key. This way you could go to altus + teleported to volcano manor by rya without beating any boss and without leveling even one level.
By Anonymous
you can get to Atlus plateau without fighting a single boss.
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