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By Anonymous
if you are in pvp try r1 then free aim the ash of war for a guaranteed roll catch and a r1 again for the true combo
(perfectly balanced miyazaki as all things should be)
By Anonymous
It looks like a very large ingrown toenail that you managed to tear off so I guess the bleed makes sense.
By Anonymous
such a cool and fun ash of war, just wish it didnt look so bad in game
By Anonymous
One of my favorite looking swords and weapon arts in the game
By Anonymous
No where in the patch says this go a buff in attributes.
By Anonymous
Cursed blood-slice skill spam along with mimic-tear spamming same skill eased me to kill Malenia in 1st attempt (1st attempt with this weapon after dying 100+ times with other weapons in her 2nd stage)!!
By Anonymous
so you´re saying you didnt improve after 100 times
By Anonymous
finally, a weapon that can hold a candle to hts running r2 spam
By Anonymous
Does this scale best with like 50arc/35dex or with more dex pumped
By TapiocaSheep7
Dex has twice more the scaling than Arc at +10, and Str has half the scaling of Arc. Pumping Dex will result in more flat damage but Pumping
By TapiocaSheep7
Dex has 2x more scaling than Arc, and Arc has 2x more scaling than Str. Pumping Dex results in more flat damage but adding Arcane adds both damage and increased Bleed
By Anonymous
More dex. Has B in Dex, D in arc. Unlike some other arcane weapons, arcane doesn't do double work for physical and fire damage. E.g. eleonoras.

I actually have 35/45 dex/arc, and it works fine; but I boost dex using physic and talismans
By Anonymous
Much better scaling with dex. Arc gives only a bit dmg compared to dex and the bleed doesnt increase with arc
By Anonymous
Scales twice as well with dex than arc. Dex will boost the physical damage of the weapon and its skill, and arc will increase physical damage less than dex but vastly raise the blood loss numbers on the regular hits and the skill
By Anonymous
Patch 1.09
>Increased the speed, range and recovery time of some attacks for the following weapon types:
Great Hammer / Great Axe / Great Sword / Curved Greatsword
>Cursed-Blood Slash
Increased projectile generation speed and reduced the recovery time.
Morgottchads stay winning
By Anonymous
this weapon would be 10x cooler if you held it how morgott did
By Anonymous
reminds me of ds3 poise-monster darkwraiths launching people into orbit, but when you equip a dark sword you hold it like a foam halloween prop and the only hyperarmor is on the neutered little stomp lmao
By Anonymous
Right hand.


Tree Spear.

Erdsteel Dagger.

By Anonymous
Does anyone have explanation on why the weapon art have those “mohg like” fire as if morgott is slicing the formless mother, which is very uncharacteristic of him since it involves flame and non-erdtree power. Yes I know it is phase 2 exclusive, implying he is desperate, but how did he learn it in the first place?
By Anonymous
Because Mohg embraced his cursed blood and Morgott didn't but both still have a form of bloodflame, I would imagine it has something to do with their cursed noble blood. Maybe omens have some sort of connection with the formless mother.
By Anonymous
The description states that it is formed of Morgott’s “recanted” blood. My guess is he was allied with the Formless Mother, along with his brother, at some point, but had the cursed blood drawn out at some point and made into this sword.
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