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By Anonymous
You can sneak behind the tree guardian in front of the "normal" way into leyndell with this and kill him using poison mist without ever alerting him
By Anonymous
Something that would be really nice with this would be if it hid your phantom glow for the duration so you don't need to also use a talisman slot to not glow like a dying Christmas tree light when you're invading.
By Anonymous
It would be nice if Phantom auras just didn’t exist anymore
By Anonymous
Does it make spell effects invisible as well? like body blessings or glintstone phalanx. Thanks.
By Anonymous
Currently doing a Cross-breed Priscilla build so its pretty good.
For anyone wanting to also try it use these.

Snow Witch Robe
Snow Witch Skirt
Cold Grave Scythe with Ash of War: Chilling Mist
Unseen Form Sorcery
Aspects of the Crucible: Tail Incantation
By Anonymous
My dad used this spell but he must be a really powerful sorcerer because I still can’t see him
By Anonymous
Damn...that's deep
By Anonymous
He must have the Old Lord’s Talisman.
By Anonymous
still broken by black knife cape and crepus vial a year after release
By Anonymous
Why are there so many people who doesn't want to git gud and cry about this spell? Just use free-aim and AoE skills/spells, and if you're a caster, stop stupidly spamming spells and use melee weapon ffs.
By Anonymous
"Why are there so many people who don't want to play the game the way I want to play it? I want free wins with lock-ons, and they should want guaranteed losses without lock-ons. Also, half the builds shouldn't be allowed to play." - Anon May 13
By Anonymous
The whole point of being a caster is using spells and not melee weapons. Thats the whole gig.
By Anonymous
"The whole point of being a caster is using spells and not melee weapons. Thats the whole gig."

And the whole point of having counters to that is to force casters to use something else. That's also part of the gig.
By Anonymous
If you're a caster and just only rely on casting spell, then your build or your playing skill is bad because your playstyle is inflexible. You won't be able to counter anything like this unless you're pro enough to surpass it.
By Anonymous
I agree honestly. God forbid something counter your strat of mashing L2 for free wins and encourage you to use one of the int weapons for 30 secs and actually play the game.
By Anonymous
Oh, so if you are using spells you are not actually playing the game huh? That is so stupid, I'm gonna continue playing the game how I want, thank you very much. And I'm gonna enjoy my spellcaster builds that ONLY use spells and NOTHING else even more after reading all this whining. Your tears are my champagne! Tastes fantastic! xDDDDD
By Anonymous
I have a full caster build who only uses a staff not even Carian Slicer, and she wins 90% of match ups. Your spells are your moveset, don’t forget. And to all the haters who wants this roll playing game to be a Mordheim clone, ain’t nothin you can wuickswap to to beat scholars shield poke, don’t take this game seriously.
By Anonymous
Assassins gambit on a backup dagger makes this spell a bit irrelevant. If you are going to use this I'd recommend using it with ritual sword talisman as assassins gambit's self damage breaks the ritual talisman giving unseen form a small niche.
By Anonymous
It won't give me the map
By Anonymous
Please please please fix Unseen Form staking with Assasin's Gambit cheese in PVP asap.
People who are saying "It's not a cheat against opponets with skill." are MELEE characters who are using MOUSE.
By Anonymous
90% or more of pc players use controller and they liter the flood with int weapons for a reason. There should be a counter to spamming L2 with a staff my dood
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