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By Anonymous
Love this on zweihander, makes that last hit an absolute juicer. It’s not very good on small weapons with low damage, no stagger and no hyperarmor though
By Anonymous
Agreed this is a slapper early game setup. Pop that zwei to +3 at Kale’s shop and you’re ready to dominate limgrave.
By Anonymous
Its now canon that confessors uses twin blades which means darth maul builds are lore accurate
By Anonymous
Does this work with powerstanced scavenger curved swords?
By Anonymous
Yes works with power stance l1 combos and also for the weapon groups that can combo from a l1 or r1 jump attack.
By Anonymous
Does this work with the Dynasty's Finesse ash on the Bloody Helice?
By Anonymous
Does not
By Anonymous
So, does it work with charged r2s on colossal weapons? Since the first attack can be chained into a second one, but not into a third one.
By Anonymous
only works on L1 and R1, no R2s
By Anonymous
Only if you use Barbaric Roar AoW.
By Anonymous
pretty useful on great spears since they only have 3 hit light attack chains
By Anonymous
i believe twinblades do chain ender twice. does take much stamina to get to the end though
By KingVendrik24
I cannot find this talisman, in the chest there's nothing, I have to go to ng+ to obtain it?
By Anonymous
I tried to find this talisman but, in the chest where you find it there's nothing, I have to go to ng+ ?
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By KoyFoster
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On a Keen Rotten Greataxe+24 R1 string with 20Str 80Dex, the dmg went from 2552 to 2956 on an underground omen. That's about a 13.6% dmg increase to the combo string. Pretty good. But it's a long sequence of attacks I'm not going to want to do.

Additionally, I've discovered that a R2 + R1 + R1 string also proc the talisman. With this in mind, wonder if there are any 1 step R2 + R1 combos. If not, one can at least used the charged heavy talisman and in combination with this for a strong 3 hit string.
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