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By Anonymous
I got an axe talisman instead.
By Anonymous
I did too. I���m not sure why.
By Anonymous
no you didn't . you just had it
By Anonymous
I did too. I think they swapped items around in the patch. I've noticed items in places I'd already explored.
By Anonymous
What an absolutely useless waste of a talisman slot
By Anonymous
It guarantees a critical stun if you chain your heavy attacks. Even great bosses fall. This is overly broken friend. xD
By Anonymous
When I tested this with both Twinblade and Shamshir, it did not guarantee a stun when hitting with a full chain heavy (two-handed). With or without the talisman it takes me 2 heavy chains to crit a regular troll. The talisman makes no difference beyond the small amount of extra damage on the final strike (which is pitiful with the twinblade).
By Anonymous
after some testing, it doesn't increase the damage of your R1 or R2 attack combo strings, or its weapon art. maybe it increases stagger ability on the final hit? doesn't seem to do what it implies at least.
By Anonymous
I enchances last hit of a combo attack, not a combo of attacks
So basically it works for multi hit attacks only
By Anonymous
Completely the opposite on testing, it works on the last hit of a full combo of attacks, even single hit ones (EG. 3rd hit of colossal swords R1). And it doesn't enhance most multi-hit attacks unless they're the last attack in the full chain (E.G. the 5th consecutive R1 attack on twinblades)
By Anonymous
Anyone test to see if it works on the power stance dagger attacks?
By Anonymous
I was wondering the same
By Anonymous
It increases by 20% the damage of the last hit of a R1 (or RB) combo.
By Anonymous
How does this work with some great shields that only have a single attack chain?
By Anonymous
Probably very well
By Anonymous
Looks like about 20% damage, which if you're powerstancing greatswords it ain't actually bad since you're probably out of stamina anyways. Makes a 250 damage hit turn in to 300 finisher...
By Anonymous
The icon kinda reminds me red iron winblade
By Anonymous
It increases running and rolling attacks that is you have weapon that does multiple attacks
By Anonymous
Like lance? I was wondering if that apply
By Anonymous
Doesn't seem to apply on lance running attack
By Anonymous
Just tested it with the Twinblade as well on Miriel (Forgive me) and saw no improvement to the running, rolling and jumping multi-hit attacks. Consider this debunked until som1 posts a video as none of these are attack chains in the first place.
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