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By Anonymous
The damage on this thing is absolutely amazing, it does as much damage as some colossal weapons and its r1s are around the same speed as something like a Katana, it doesn't stagger heavier enemies like Knights with every light attack like the other halberds, but with how fast and hard hitting it is that almost doesn't matter, especially since you could always just use jump attacks, which is almost always effective against most Knights with any weapon, and its got a really sexy looking moveset, granted if you're more used to other halberds the moveset of this one may take some getting used to, its very good looking too, even if it doesn't have the most over the top design.
By Anonymous
I really wish i discovered this weapon sooner, it would've been perfect for my dex/faith build.
By Anonymous
Guys, the description does not say the weapon was made from wood. Trees were just a surface against which the blade of the weapon was sharpened. Wood is not a constituent material, just a part of the refinement process of the blade.
By Anonymous
If that was the case, the description would say sharpened “by” rather than “from” hardened wood. Unless it’s a grammatical error, the current wording suggests the blade is made of wood.
By Anonymous
Yeah, let's try to get real world smithing processes into a fictional universe. Be right back, going to check on that giant, both ethereal and physical tree that is the foundation of everything in this world to see if it's sturdy enough to smith something with it.
By Anonymous
Didn't even know what this weapon was til I was considering Loretta's weapon for playthrough but has the sword spear recommended, it looks awesome!
By Anonymous
Put Spectral Lance on with Blood, good all around weapon I keep on my Right hand. Moveset is great for flying enemies and Spectral Lance is good for everything.
By Anonymous
AR of a zweihander, attack speed of a longsword
By Anonymous
I'd argue that isn't saying that much, considering the zweihander is the weakest colossal sword in the game.
By Anonymous
It would be saying something if it had the attack speed of a long sword, which it doesn't. Still swings fast for a halberd though.
By Anonymous
It's still very fast for something so hard hitting, mind you.
By Anonymous
If powerstance spears weren't a thing, this would easily be one of the best weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
Still the best weapon in the game for PvP, ppwerstanced spears can be easily poised, this can't.
By Anonymous
Is it a bad idea to put a sacred flame infusion on this thing? Kinda want to use it on my faith/str guy but worried I’d need to go dex.
By Anonymous
I used a Flame Art swordspear as part of my endgame build, it's pretty good but I was a Dex/Fth build primarily with Str down around 22
By Anonymous
It's made of wood? My armor clad knights been using some wood to slash enemies down. I dont know how I feel about that.
By Anonymous
Its proly like sacred Erdtree wood or something, thats stronger than solid steel.
By Anonymous
My childhood dreams come true. Wood spear
By Anonymous
In the description says that the swordspear has been sharpened by in the erdtree crest
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