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By Anonymous
Two thirds of the playerbase are gonna not know how to play the game once this gets nerfed.
By Anonymous
pocket blender nuke for when you need a player to evaporate of the face of the earth
By Anonymous
Only a FromSoftware weapon would be so good it upsets the community lol this thing is what some of us have wanted since DS1 Uchigatana.
By Anonymous
Bury the light intensifies!
By Anonymous
If you think transcient moonlight is already super powerful, hear me out: skill R1 true combos into carian slicer or r1
By Anonymous
inavde while im helping a host and get pocket nuked with l2+r2 when i roll catch you
By Anonymous
People should stop giving this katana a load of crap, overall it’s a great katana maybe 3rd or 2nd best on the katana list, just below rivers of blood. I really like transient moonlight, it’s a great skill even with the nerf
By Anonymous
literally just nerf the poise damage. i dont care if it does a billion damage i just dont want to get blendered by it
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Plan on getting the game for my birthday
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