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By Anonymous
no greater satisfaction than wiping an overzealous squad with this
By Anonymous
It is quite amusing that the complete over saturation of this weapon makes it rather easy to fight, even when it is clearly over tuned. I want to say that almost every mage you fight has this, and when they all only spam the Ash of War you learn the timing and can punish it perfectly every time they attempt to hit you with the beam.
By Anonymous
funny how they nerfed carian slicer for arena patch but not this thing
By Anonymous
virgin spellcaster vs chad vergil build
By Anonymous
I bet most of the player never saw its moveset especially it strong atack (Right Trigger) but I'm pretty sure everyone saw it's AoW plenty times
By Anonymous
Probably the best AoW in the game right now: easy to land, and way to powerful for how fast it is. All other AoW with equivalent dmg simple aren't as fast or as easy to land. Thing is on the hands of lucky bad player you may as well find defeat but on the hands of a skilled one you don't have a chance against this weapon
By Anonymous
It already was many patches ago. Both its frequency of WA in successive attack and poise damage nerfed. It hasn't for a while say stun locked like it use to do with just one successful hit in pvp. Or after just two heavy WA poise break even the Stone Gargoyle bosses. Mind if used other spells in conjuction you can simulate the poise break of the original version.
By Anonymous
if you treat this like normal unsheathe you can legit oneshot people lmao, how can anybody defend this weapon?
By Anonymous
Easiest 500 runes I've ever made.
By Anonymous
Ultimate weapon for Vergil larping.
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