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By Anonymous
This shield is absolutely insane! Use some shield grease and strafe left while using the AOW for a literal flame tank build! I'm doing a cracked out pyromancer run with this son of a gun and honestly have little to no need for any of the giant flame spells (yet, I haven't gotten to the mountaintop yet). This thing is just such a blast to use though I love it lol
By Anonymous
You can cancel the recovery of the ash of this by crouching making it pretty good since the crouch attack has a surprising amount of range and few expect it right out of the ash.
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By minespatch
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Tried it out after getting it and the one eyed shield. I definitely prefer the passive damage compared to the nuke damage of the one eyed.
By Anonymous
It's only for me or at +10 deals around 100 damage less than at +9? Can someone test it? Maybe a bug :(
By Anonymous
What version of the game are you playing on? Launch version and up until... 1.03 (I believe) had a bug where upgrading to the final tier was broken for some weapons (stats saying it dealt less)

I don't remember if that was actually a scaling bug, or a stat-screen display bug, but there was a later patch (1.03 or 1.04) which changed how scaling worked and with that, that bug was eliminated
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